Relationships – Whanaungatanga, Resilience – Manawaroa, Respect – Manaakitanga, Responsibility – Tiaki

A community of agile and collaborative learners – Proud of who we are, empowered to make a difference

Kia Ora, Nǐ hǎo, Hallo, Greetings,  

Welcome to all our new students and their families who have recently joined us: Max Anderson, Sofia Anderson, Seerat Sandhu, Tevita Hezekiah Faletau, Si Chen Lin, Enzo Wang, Henry Hart, Aiden Batchelar, Tayem Anwar.

Camp take two!

We finally did it – we had a camp with no Covid interruptions and it was great!  Our year six students were a credit to the school in the way they showed the school values at camp.  They supported each other to take risks and develop their personal resilience, worked together to develop team relationships and their respect was commented on by both parents and the camp staff.  Thank you to the amazing group of parents who supported the camp, you were outstanding.  Finally thank you to Nick who oversaw the organisation, and to the teaching team who go over and above to give our children the best camp experience possible.

Drop Off Zone 

We are thrilled with the safety upgrade to the drop off zone.   A big thank you to the consideration that is being shown by all to keep everyone safe.  The bollards are almost completed and the boom gates are ordered and should be installed later in the term.  A big thank you also to Michelle Marolias, who has been directing traffic safely through the drop off zone in the mornings.   What a star you are Michelle!  

Three-way Conferences & General Comments

Your child’s six-monthly general comment will be available to view on Hero, in week ten.  We also have three-way conferences planned for week ten, where you will be able to book a slot to meet with your child and their teacher to discuss their progress.  This is a conversation between students, parents/whānau, and the teacher. It is a conversation about what the students are learning at school rather than what they are doing at school.

  • The role of the parents is to listen to their child, ask questions and encourage the student to expand and explain information further.
  • The role of the teacher is to facilitate and lead the conversation about the student’s learning and prompt the student when needed.
  • The role of the student is to share their learning with their parents and reflect on the progress they have made so far this year.

The school will close early at 12:30 on the 8th of July to allow teachers enough time slots for all families.   A separate newsletter will be sent out with the booking details next week.

Books, Books, Books!

A big thanks to Ryan Amoore who donated a big box of new books for our library, including a few Amoore family favourites.  Ryan said, “I wanted to give back to the community, as my business has had a lot of support from clients in the area.  A great way to do this was to give a bunch of books to a local school.   It’s great to see that the parents of BBPS are looking out for the school and due to the school getting the most votes, BBPS was the winner.”

Thanks Ryan – we appreciate your generosity.  Thank you to all of the parents who voted.   

It’s great to see that our community still places so much value on physical books.  This is reflected by the students in the pleasure they get from visiting the library and issuing books.   To find out more about the benefits of reading aloud to your child, click here.

And More Thanks

Isaac Govender has his first Assetwise sign up from BBPS, which means $250 has been generously donated to the school.  Scroll down to the end of the newsletter to see how Isaac can help you and help BBPS at the same time.  Thanks Isaac!  

From our students…

Showing Values in the Community. By EJ – Room 4

On Saturday my family and I went to church and then it was home time. We went to the shops on the way home.  I saw a homeless person and I asked my dad for some money. He gave me some coins and pennies.   I gave the coins to the homeless man, which made him so happy (which made me happy too!).   He was able to buy some food with the money so he ran to his family and they had a feast. My family gave him more food and money, so I felt very happy. 

They asked us, “do you want to join us for dinner?”

We said, “sure, why not?”

So we ate some food together and we said bye to them.   What was your happiest moment?

Checkmate! By Gariad Room 2 and Bilva Room 19

On the 22nd of May 2021 there was a chess tournament at Point View Primary’s hall.  There was an A, B, C and a D team from Bucklands Beach. In each team, there were only four players. Some teams had a substitute for their fourth team member. 

There were six rounds in the tournament. Alex Pham from Bucklands Beach team B won all his matches.  The other schools had some E and G teams. The winning school was Pigeon Mountain Primary school.  

Ms J rates the chess tournament 8 out of ten.  Austin from team A, 1st player from BBPS also rated 8 because it was harder than the one in year 4.  

We thought it was very well organised and everyone had a chance to play and have a good time.

Lockdown Practice at BBPS.   By Sheryl Room 2

On Thursday, June 3, there was a lockdown practice at BBPS. All the classes first went to the hall, where Julia (host) talked to them about lockdown. She was once a student at BBPS and was also a police officer for 15 years. She talked to all the students about what they should do during a lockdown and why lockdowns happen. 

During a lockdown, everyone should lie on the ground in the middle of the classroom and be as quiet as they can. Lockdowns usually happen when there’s something happening outside the school. This could be wild dogs, a swarm of bees or other different things. When this happens, everyone should all stay inside, until Mrs Rowlands, Mrs Slater-Brown, Mrs Crompton or Mrs Uden come into their classroom to tell them that it is safe outside.

After morning tea, there was the lockdown practice, which took about 45 minutes. All the students had to lay down on the ground under their tables for quite a long time. When the 45 minutes passed, some teachers came into each classroom to tell them that the practice was over. After that, all the students had to line up quietly outside on the courts. The whole lockdown practice went smoothly and well.

Whistles Blowing At Netball Fun Day.  Reported by Cece and Izzy Room 2

On the 25th of May 2021, around 30 year four, five, and six students traveled by bus to the Howick Pakuranga Netball Centre to play other schools. There were six games, for each team. BBPS had entered four teams. 

The students really enjoyed it and learned quite a lot about Netball. They hope to do it again next year.

Gariad – Year 6 – rated it 9 / 10 “ It was pretty much the right amount of games and it was very exciting.”

Regan – Year 6 – Regan thought that it was a 7 / 10 “I liked that there were six games because there were lots of teams to get through.”

Katie – Year 4 – Katie thought it was 9 / 10 “ I liked that you got to play netball all day because I love netball, my team was very good but we only won 1, I liked my team and overall I loved the netball day!”

Leni  – Year 4 – 9 / 10 she said. “ It was cool because people played different aged people, not our age. And like, played on different courts. The reason why it is a high rating is that I liked working with different people that I don’t normally work with for a change.” 

At the end of the day, as you can imagine, there were quite a few extremely tired Netball players.

Thanks, Ms Jackson, and all the parents that helped out at the Netball day. You were a massive help.

BBPS Plants 700 trees! By Emilia Room 19 and Alexia Room 3

On Friday the 4th of June, Mrs Howie took 22 seniors to a place called Waiau-Pa. They were heading to a place that BBPS has been going to for 5 years. This activity is called Trees for Survival. They left the school at around 9 in the morning, and came back at 2:40. The owners’ names were Jenny and Keith. They lived on a farm with a lot of animals, such as cows, sheep, and horses. After Jenny and Keith showed them around they had Morning Tea. Later it was time to plant!

They had 700 trees in total to plant in 2 hours. There were Flax bushes and Cabbage trees. Everyone thought it was impossible to plant that many but they succeeded. They thought that it was cool that they could see all the plants that had been planted years ago by BBPS. We started planting straight after that, it was hard work but it was also good fun. Each student planted around 25 plants each, Mrs Howie herself planted 60 trees! Surprisingly, it only took them about 1 hour.

Next they had lunch, there were hot dogs, and bread to dip in soup. There was water and catering for those who needed it. They also even had afternoon tea, with loads of sweet goods. 

When everyone was finished with their lunch they got to see all the farm animals. First were the horses, their names were Odey and Tattoo. They got to feed them carrots. Next were the sheep, everyone thought that they were so soft and fluffy. There were cows next, in total there were 27 cows and everyone named a few for fun. Finally it was time to leave, nobody wanted to leave as it was such a fun day. Two students thanked them on behalf of the school. They arrived back a while later. It was a fun day.


Giving to others. By Nathan Room 19 and Tayt Room 2

On Friday the 28th of May, Pink Shirt and Gumboot Day was held at school.  We have pink shirt day to stop bullying and to be bully-free, and Gumboot up day for mental health and helping to provide free counselling for young people. Students competed in Scavenger Hunts, Colouring Contests, and others drew with chalk on the basketball court. 

The winners for the colouring competition from the Senior School were Yanni From Room 3 and Micheal from Room 19. For Middle School, it was Hailey from Room 12 and Corban, also from Room 12. For the Junior School it was Logan from Room 7 and Rachel, also from Room 7. Congratulations to the winners and all other people who participated. 

Students were able to buy gumboot-up I am Hope socks from Jump for 5 dollars, and a wristband for 1 dollar. All of the $1,400 that was raised went towards I am Hope who supports young people’s wellbeing. 

 Term Dates

Term 2 – Monday 3 May – Thursday 8 July (Teacher Only Day Friday 9 July)

* School closes at 12:30 on the 8th of July to allow for Three-way conferences

Term 3 – Monday 26 July – Thursday 30 September (Teacher Only Day Friday 1 October)

Term 4 – Monday 18 October – Wednesday 15 December (Teacher Only Day Thursday 16 December)

Have a lovely weekend.

Kelly Slater-Brown




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