8 February 2018


Dear Parents,

This term Middle School students will be conducting an inquiry unit called “Up the Creek”. We will be inquiring into how natural environments such as wetlands and estuaries support systems of living things and how they are affected by human behaviour.

To support our unit of Inquiry, the Middle School classes will be visiting the Wakaaranga estuary and wetlands on Tuesday 20 February. The day will include a walk along the Rotary footpath from Pakuranga Sailing Club (Farm Cove) to Prince Regent Drive and through the Pigeon Mountain wetlands.  We will require parents to help with this trip.

The students will travel by bus leaving school at 9.15am and will return by 1.30pm.

Your child will need to wear full school uniform, including a hat and shoes, and bring morning tea, lunch and a water bottle. The cost for this trip is $5.00 and this can be paid through “Kindo” on the school website.

Kind regards

Debbie Rist

Middle Team Leader

I would be interested in being a parent helper on the Estuary and wetlands trip.


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