What if animals were round?

Today we watched this short clip and wrote some creative stories. Feel free to come in and read these! 'What if animals were round?'      

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Cross Country

I was in the 2nd row and the teacher blew the whistle. "Toot" and we were off, we ran through the alleyway. We had to stay to the left. I was coming 4th, Noah, Felix and somebody else was in

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The Big Run

Toot! The whistle blew and the year 3s ran as fast as cheetahs. Liam and I were in the top three already when Blake and Felix caught up but luckily Blake stayed behind us and unluckily Felix got ahead of

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Room 14’s version of ‘Fish Head Soup’ by Jill Eggleton

By |25th February 2016|Room 14|1 Comment

Room 14’s Bio Poems

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