21 March 2016

 Dear Parents

 The Junior School are planning a trip to the zoo as part of our ‘Sharing the Planet’ unit this term, and we will be going on Thursday the 7th April.

 In order to cover the cost including the bus, there will be a charge of $19.00 per student.

 As we are visiting the zoo, our adult to child ratio is very important and we will need parent helpers preferably without toddlers. Parent helpers will have a small group in their care under the overall supervision of the class teacher.

 There would be an extra cost of $28 for parents who wish to come as extras to the parent help group.

 The students will travel by bus and will leave school at 9:00 am and return by 3:00 pm. Parents would travel by car and meet us at the zoo.

 Students will need a small pack with their morning tea and lunch, including water to drink, and a raincoat / jacket. A sunhat could be a good idea too! Please do not include book bags or other items as these are not needed for the day.

 Please return the money and permission slip to school as soon as possible.

 Thank you, we do appreciate your support.

 Lisa Ray

Junior Team Leader


 Please return this form with the money to your class teacher


I give permission for _____________________________ in Room _______ to go to the Auckland Zoo on Thursday 7th of April

I enclose $19 to cover costs.

I would like to assist as a parent helper                    Yes    /      No

Name______________________________   Phone___________________