“Ring ring, ring ring”  

      “Hello? Who’s speaking?”  It was my dad’s cellphone ringing because Jerry, my dad’s secretary at work had problems with the company.  That’s when the fight between mum and dad started. Dad was losing money and couldn’t pay for the company and waslosing his job. I flipped to the right and flipped to the left. I couldn’t sleep in such an atmosphere.  I suddenly made a plan. Sneaking out of the house without mum and dad noticing, I ran into the woods.  I took out my cellphone and called my group of friends. I lead a group in school with Jason, also the leader; Danny and Betty, the secretaries, Jerry, a helper for Jason and as well they are identical twins. Jocelyn is my helper and we are good friends. They arrived in a couple of minutes and came with me.

Suddenly, the bushed shook. We hesitated and went in finding ourselves in another world. A scene went through my mind of The Chronicles of Nania when the little girl went through the wardrobe and found another world.

Out of nowhere, one large wolf jumped out and tried to attack us. Jason and I, who know how to tame animals, tamed the wolf.  The wolf double checked that we were good. Retrieving his anger, he told the others that we were good. They gave us a tour.  Around the scene we met the beautiful queen who gave us a tour around her castle.

Finding that we were lost, the ground  suddenly shook vigorously making us tumbling onto the ground. We found that this land doesn’t have “fear.” This word was not acceptable.  As soon as the land sensed fear, it shook the ground. We stopped our fear and the wolf smelled the scent back to the front. They allowed us to ride them back into our world. Jason and I got the biggest because we were the two leaders.

We went back to our world and my mum and dad were waiting by the door. I hugged them tightly and my friends came into my house and we talked happily and the day ended with laughter in the house.