I’m here to tell you the importance of trees. The trees play a very important part in our life. They provide us of oxygen and other special things. Let me tell you…

The water cycle includes trees. Didn’t know that before? Well take a look at this. You know the water cycle, the sun makes water evaporate, the vapour forms little clouds, then it rains or snows. Trees play a part. When the rain falls down on the soil, it spreads across the ground and into tree roots. The water starts evaporating through the trees’ leaves. This process is called Transpiration.

Another thing is the trees  produce oxygen. They breathe in carbon dioxide, co2, and produce oxygen. The carbon dioxide is like oxygen for the trees. Oxygen helps us survive too. All plants give off oxygen.

The trees food comes from water. It’s food is stored in the leaves. So they feed from their leaves! The special name for the green in the trees’ leaves is Chlorophyll. To produce the food, the tree would also need sunshine and water. Without the food, the tree won’t survive or produce oxygen.

Rainforests have the most trees, so it would have lots of rain. Lots of animals live in the rainforest, and rely on the trees to survive. Rainforests are found in Brazil, South America and the Amazon.

People are cutting down trees and the animals are losing their homes. That also means the Water Cycle might start slowing down. Trees are important as the provide for us through their special abilities.