The Greenhouse Effect is when there is too much Co2 in the air and it is trapping in the warm air like a greenhouse. The rays shine onto the earth, but then they get trapped by clouds of Co2…

The Sun shines across the earth and the air is clear. Then humans come. We burn fossil fuels, such as petrol and coal, and it drifts off into the air like a feather.  Clouds of CO2 block up the sky and trap the sun’s rays. When the sun shines down, it gets reflected and bounces back into the atmosphere, making everything warm.  Back on earth, cars rumble along roads, houses burn coal fires and power stations are producing electricity made from coal and oil, and smoke puffing out of factories causes smog. Cows produce most of New Zealand’s Co2.

 If we keep this up, global warming will make glaciers melt, sea levels will rise and we probably won’t exist.