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That was Summer

Have you ever seen summer?

 Sure you have

Remember that time when the sun was shining warm

And you went to the rock beach

And cooked delicious sausages over the campfire?

And you dropped one

That was summer.

Remember that time at Grandma’s house?

You went to the Water park

And on the way home

You got a giant ice cream

That was summer.

Remember that time

You jumped into the cold pool

And forgot to take off your dry towel?

That was summer

Remember when you went to sleep with no blankets on

Because it was so hot?

Remember how you woke up on the floor?

That was summer

Remember how the children ran from school?

Remember how they suddenly had a burst of energy when that old bell rang?

That was summer

Do you think you can see summer now?

How about that time when you had a cold bath

because it was a steaming hot day?

You felt so nice in the cold water

That was summer

Remember the sun was shining bright through the window

And created a beautiful rainbow pattern on the warm soft carpet?

And how the rainbow kept disappearing

When you stood on it

That was summer

Remember when you spun around so much

You fell to the ground?

Remember the smell of the dusty carpet?

And how it smelt like the juice you spilt on it

That was summer