On The 12/09/16 Room 02 went to Te Tuhi. When I woke up I was excited to be going to Te Tuhi. We got on the bus.  It was a very short ride. When we got there, we lined up in our lines.  Then we met our educator. Our educator was called Charlotte. She told us the rules of the art gallery . And then we went to do some acting with our bodies.  My group acted the story of Peter Pan. My scene was a sword fight on a boat with Captain Hook and Captain Hook fell out of the boat and he got eaten by Tick-Tock the Crocodile. Then we drew pictures about the thing we wanted to tell a story about. I did pictures about the acting. Lastly we looked at a machine that put fog out. Charlotte said the inventor lived in Rotorua where there are lots of geysers putting out steam.  He went to China and America. The machine had a video of the his trip. There was a laser beam saying words of the trip. It was cool with steam coming out of the machine.