DSC_1066On the 26th of February the Senior School went to Howick Intermediate. Miss Redpath told us to listen really well. Then I heard a call for the 8 year old girls. I rushed to the starting line! Then I got butterflies in my stomach as I watched my friends cheering. Bang, I jumped into the crystal clear water… but I came last so I felt the butterflies and I got embarrassed, head down tears dripping down but since I was wet it didn’t look like I was crying. My nana made me happy by saying that I still did well. I rushed up the hill to Ela. I sat down and ate my food and watched my friends do their races. I had a good time. Then Miss Redpath told Motutapu to move into the same place as Waiheke.  Alex.H and I played a game. Then Alex M joined me along with Ela and Briana. Overall this helped me get more confident with my swimming.

Written by Victoria