Swimming Sports



On Friday we went to the swimming sports on a nice Botany bus. I sat at the back with Kalib, on the buses old wrecked seats. When I got there I sat with Thushar and Jan on the grass. We got lots of grass clippings on our belongings. Then Miss RedPath shouted,”nine year olds,”through a megaphone. We went to sit next to the olympic size pool in the sun. I got in to do a width of freestyle. The water was sort of cold and tasted of chlorine. It looked clear and shiny in the afternoon sun like fish scales. It sounded calm like the ocean on a sunny day,and smelt likes chlorine from an open filter. Then I swam as fast as a marlin and got out first. Then it was time to go. Our bus was as slow as a snail riding on a slug’s back at night time. Finally it came and took us to BBI but then it took us to BBP.