A hundred years ago, Australian and New Zealand armies went to war. There was shrapnel everywhere.  Injured soldiers were put on stretchers and carried by 4 men.

Private Simpson and his donkey carried injured men by themselves without 4 mne at a time. Simpson and Murphy carried injured men day by day without stopping. Murphy had a Red Cross  patch on his nose. He also had another on his back. In a couple of days, Simpson and Murphy went to meet wounded soldiers from Alexandria and Cairo. Simpson kept on helping, and forgot about his hunger and weariness, and kept on helping. He and his donkey crossed dangerous places, but Simpson was steady and stable and wasn’t worried at all.

One day, his donkey came  back alone. Simpson’s job had ended, and his braveness was long remembered as long as the Anzacs. There are many stories about the Anzac story Simpson and his donkey and his real name was Jack Simpson and there are different arguments about his name, and the story.