Greetings All

Term 2 is now well under way and the cooler weather is upon us.


Our unit driving our inquiry this term will be based on the theme “How the World Works / Changes”.  We will be looking at this topic from a Science viewpoint.

The central idea will be….  The earth’s surface exhibits constant change

Our lines of inquiry will be……

  • composition of the earth
  • properties of the earth’s surface
  • agents of environmental change
  • the impact of the earth’s changes on the environment and people

Key Concepts: Change, Causation

Related Concepts: Cycles, Forces, Geological impact

We would like to have guest speakers who either have a job related to geology or a hobby related to earth science so if you know of a suitable speaker for our team, please notify your child’s class teacher.  Occasionally there is a news item related to this topic, if you see one, draw your child’s attention to this.  For example, this week there was an interesting article about a 110 million year old rare fossil being found fully preserved in the soil.

We will also be focussing on the values of inquiry and effort. The students will be developing the key competencies of thinking and using scientific language, texts and symbols.

Open Day

An invitation is extended to all parents to view our learning from 1:45 – 3:00 pm on Monday 22nd May.

Organisation for Term 2

It is important that all children are ready for the term with new pencils (or a blue pen if they have their pen license), red pen and ruler. Many children now need to replenish their supplies. Please could you ask your child if they need any new purchases. Those sitting ICAS Maths Competition will require a ruler.

Winter Attire

As the winter weather sets in please can you ensure your child has suitable clothing for the elements. On cooler days the students will need their polar fleeces and raincoats in their bags. Please can you ensure these are named as then they can be easily returned if they are misplaced.

ICAS Competitions

During the term we will be holding our ICAS competitions. This will be for the children who have already enrolled and paid. The dates for these are…. ICAS Digital Technologies 23rd May, ICAS Science 30 th May, ICAS Spelling 14th June. Please be mindful of these dates when making appointments as all students have to sit the exam at exactly the same time as students from other schools. In order to minimise the disruption to our normal school programme, all students will need to be in Room 3 at 7:30 am on these days.

Science Roadshow

This year we are fortunate to have the Science Roadshow visiting our school on the 28 th and 29th June.  On the 28th June, Rooms 1 and 2 will visit at 10.35 am, Rooms 18 and 19 at 12:30 pm and on the 29th June, Rooms 3 and 4 at 1:15pm.  This Roadshow will be particularly helpful in motivating our students to think about their own science inquiries and to test scientific ideas at home.  We will require some parent support for these sessions.  If you are interested please email your child’s class teacher.

Science Week

The Primary Science week will link with National Road safety week with the theme “Stay Safe on the Roads” from 15th May – 19th May 2017.

Fundraising Dates

On the 16th May, a sausage sizzle will be held to raise money for the Enviro team.   A student council mufti day will be on Friday 30th June.  On this day children are asked to bring a can of food for the foodbank.

Physical Education

During the beginning of this term we will also be selecting students to represent our school in the gymnastic competition in Term 3. The students who are trialing will require flexible shorts e.g. bike pants and a P.E. shirt. New students can purchase a school sports T-shirt from John Russell Menswear in Howick. All Senior School children will require their PE clothing for their weekly Thursday session with Mr Grimmer and on Wednesdays for the Senior School Sport Rotation.

Sporting Dates

Children who are selected for a winter sport will have their field days on the following days…..

Rugby 7’s          29th May

Netball               6th June               

Hockey              27th June            Saving day 29th June

Reports/Three Way Conferences

All Year 5 and Year 6 children will receive a written progress report on the 30th June. Three Way Conferences for students and parents will be held on the 3rd and 4th July. On the 3rd July, school will finish at 1:00 pm. Bookings online will be offered closer to the time.


Our topics for this term will be Fractions and Decimals, Reading Scales – temperature, volume. Addition/Subtraction – when these strategies are fully understood the students move into multiplication/division, Geometry – 2D/3D Shapes. Measurement – Length /Perimeter/Area Volume/Capacity.

In order for our students to be successful with understanding fractions, the students do need to have a quick recall of the division facts.  We encourage you to regularly quiz your child.  If you would like to know more about the school’s Maths programme you are invited to a Maths night on 26th June at 7pm at school.

Maths Home Learning

Maths Buddy and learning of the multiplication/division facts will continue to be our key Maths homework for this term. Please can you ensure your child has regular sessions on Maths Buddy during the week. This programme is designed to meet your child’s individual learning level and a report is given each week. There are videos to support your understanding of the Maths strategies. We would appreciate your support of $30 for those children who have not yet paid..


Every class has a specific library book changing time during the week. Please can you ensure your child has their library book bag and their issued books at school on the correct day.  New library book bags can be purchased from the school office. Senior School students should be reading regularly as a leisure activity at home.


During Term 2 the senior team are fortunate to have the opportunity to learn Mandarin from Maggie, a Mandarin Language Assistant (MLA) from the Confucius Institute and Emily Chiang (A Mandarin teacher from Macleans College). Each class will be given half an hour a week.  There is a meeting for Chinese parents on the 19th June 6 pm -7 pm.

Enviro/Trees for Survival

Our school continues to use sustainable practices. Friday’s is our Nude Food Day where our children bring food in reusable containers rather than in wrappers.

Friday 19th May – Green Day

All children are invited to wear mufti and something Green. Classes will carry out combined Enviro activities around the school. There is no charge for this.

Friday 26th May 

Pink Day.  All children are invited to wear Pink/Red to school.  Classes will carry out combined Anti-Bullying activities around the school.  There is no charge for this.

Queen’s Birthday

Please remember that Monday 5th June is Queen’s Birthday and the school will be closed.

Payments for this term online

All payments for trips etc can be made online. Go to “Parent Shop” and pay on “Wrap it Up”.

The cost for each child to attend the Science Roadshow is $7.50.


The Senior Team

Mrs Riach Room 1, Mrs Christensen Room 2, Mrs Chilvers Room 3, Ms Redpath Room 4 (Team Leader), Ms Corderoy Room 18, and Mrs Griffin Room 19.