Dear Parents

The Senior School teachers have had a wonderful 2016 and are already looking forward to 2017!

In order to get off to a great start this newsletter is to inform you of the up-coming events so you can prepare and budget ahead.  The first day back for students will be Tuesday January 31st 2017.  All children have been informed of their class for 2017 during the last week of Term 4, 2016 so our students are settled and well prepared.  Please note that the school will be closed Monday 6th February for Waitangi Day.  The school will also be closed on Friday 14th April for Easter and the start of the school holidays.  


Your child’s stationery list is held at Paper Plus, 71 Picton St, Howick.  We ask that all books are named and preferably covered with cover seal for the first day of school.  Please ensure your child also has his/her pencil case with named pencils. The children will be told on the first day what subjects the books will be for.

Library Bags

Please can you also make sure that your child has his/her named school library bag at school on the first day.  New bags can be purchased from our school library for $5.00.

Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD)

The Senior School is currently using Apple iPads (Air/4/3/2) and Apple Minis. If your child has an Apple Mini we also suggest they have a keyboard. We ask all children with devices to bring them on the first day so the teachers can set up routines. (Note devices are not compulsory, just encouraged) The iPads will be locked in a cabinet when they are not in use and it is important that they are named.

The new students will be given passwords to allow them access to the school internet and their class dashboard. Please note the internet access is turned off at 3 pm each day. The new students will need to also have their signed BYOD agreement with them on the first day. The E-Learning Apps can be found online on the E-Learning Guidelines newsletter.

Maths Homework

Next year the Senior School will be changing to Maths Buddy online. We currently believe that this is the best programme available to teaching New Zealand maths strategies. We had very positive parent feedback when we trialled this programme in 2016. This homework is not compulsory, however, this is a good way to foster extra learning at home and is central to our home-learning in Mathematics for the year.  The cost will be $25 per child.  We ask you to please budget for this.  More information about paying for this will come out in the first term.  Maths Buddy has been selected as it gives more flexibility for the children to be working on their own individual needs and at their own pace.  This programme also has instructional movies which help parents understand the strategies we use today.


All children will be expected to be in our summer school uniform.  Please name all items with a permanent marker, especially your child’s sandals and sweater.

GIRLS Summer:

* Blue check summer dress in regulation material and style. Or Navy skort in regulation material and style.

* Red polo shirt with striped collar in regulation material and style.

*Black ‘schoolʼ sandals.

.*Regulation style navy sun hat

  • Plain stud earrings and no jewellery or nail polish please


BOYS Summer:

* Navy shorts in regulation material and style.

* Red polo shirt with striped collar in regulation material and style.

* Black ‘schoolʼ sandals.

* Regulation style navy sun hat

For PE activities we ask that the children wear shorts and a school sports top.  Girls are allowed to wear navy bike pants under their uniform or for sport. Please can you ensure your child has their named hat on the first day of school.

Lunchboxes/Drink Bottles

School lunches can be ordered on the school website from the second week, on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  As the first term is always very hot we encourage all children to have a named water bottle.  It is also helpful if all plastic lunch boxes are named as these sometimes get left on the seats outside the classroom.


The school pool may be operating from the first day so please make sure your child has their togs and towel packed and named.  We will be having our school Swimming Sports at Howick Intermediate on Friday 17th February/Saving day 20th February. There will be a small charge for the buses of approx $5.00 per child.   


Next year the Year 6s will be taking part in the “Have a Go” sailing programme on the 15th and/or 16th February.   This is a free programme and is within walking distance of school.   Parents are welcome to attend as helpers.


The Senior School is hoping to participate in a programme called “Marine Metred Squared”. The aim will be to help Otago University collect data and monitor what organisms can be located at a seashore. If you have expertise with Marine Biology we would love to hear from you. On the 24th February the school will be “taking action” in the local community with a whole school beach clean up.

Weetbix Tryathlon

The Tryathlon will be held on the 12/2/2017 at Pt England reserve.  (Please note the change of venue)

To attend, please enrol you child on the Weetbix Website:

Under  group participation…Bucklands Beach Primary School.  Mr Chamberlain will be organising this event.   All parents must transport and supervise their child/ren. The school will have a school gazebo to assemble at.

Beach Education/ Year 5 EOTC Day

There will be a Year 5 Surf Education day at Red Beach on 3rd March.  We would love as many parents as possible to come. Traditionally this has been a great day for our “Dads” to join in. This will be a long day, leaving school by bus  just after 7:15 am and returning by 4.30 pm. The cost will be approx. $25 per child. More organisational details will come out at the beginning of Term 1.  While a wetsuit is not compulsory, it is a good idea for children to bring their one back from the bach if they have one.

Year 6 Camp Lakewood Lodge

The Year 6 camp will be from 4th– 7th April.  It would be good if your child could start organising a bed roll, sleeping bag and fitted sheet to cover the mattress.  Children often get quite dirty at camp so they  do not need new clothes! They do, however, need suitable walking shoes e.g. sneakers.

Change of Teacher

The Senior Team has enjoyed working with Mrs Wilshire in Year 5.   We will be sad to see her go. We wish her the very best. Mrs Christensen (nee Miss Williams) will move to the Senior School. She has many talents, particularly with e-learning and dance.  We look forward to having her work with Year 5 and Year 6 students in 2017.

Your Senior Team for next year will be…

Room 1     Mrs Riach

Room 2      Mrs Christensen

Room 3      Mrs Chilvers

Room 4      Ms Redpath  (Senior School Team Leader)

Room 18   Ms Corderoy

Room 19   Mrs Griffin

If you have any other queries please contact Jillian Redpath (Team Leader).

We look forward to seeing you the first day back after a refreshing holiday.

The Senior School Teachers

Please see term dates below……………..

                                               2017 School Terms







Term 1

Tuesday 31st January


13th April


Public holiday: Waitangi Day Monday 6 February

School holidays: Friday 14 April – Sunday 30 April. Includes Easter Friday, Easter Monday, and Easter Tuesday (an official school holiday). Also includes ANZAC day

Term 2

Monday 1 May

Friday 7 July


BBPS may have a Teacher Only Day Friday 2nd June.

Public holiday: Queen’s Birthday Monday 5 June

School holidays: Saturday 8 July – Sunday 23 July

Term 3

Monday 24 July

Friday 29 September


School holidays: Saturday 30 September – Sunday 15 October

Term 4

Monday 16 October-

Friday 15th December (tbc)


Public holiday: Labour Day Monday 23 October