DSC_1004 Senior School Swimming Sports

On Friday 26th of February the Senior school went to their swimming sports at Howick Intermediate.  I sat with Charlie on the bus.  Going to the school we started chatting and playing games as soon as we got on the bus.  When we arrived at Howick intermediate we laid our towels on the bank side and waited for the races to be ready.  Once the 9 year old boys race was ready we lined and sat down on the solid stone floor and waited until it was our turn. I dived in the freezing cold water, the race had begun!  The water tasted of chlorine and it smelt of chlorine as well.  The water looked crystal clear.  I could hear the water drops as we all dived in.  After I had finished my races I went to watch my friends race,  After all the races were finished we did some whanau  relays.  Rangitoto won the relays and after that we had lunch.  We had a roll call to see if everyone was there.  Then we went back on the bus leaving Howick Intermediate.