On Friday 4th March, Year 5s went to Red Beach and we had to be at school at 7:20. At about half past seven, Mrs Chilvers called the roll and we left at 8:00. When we were on the bus, I was talking to Maria and we were happily talking away when the bus stopped, because we were at Red Beach!

When we arrived at Red Beach we were shown around and the lifeguards taught us what the tools are for. Then we went into a meeting place and we talked about what a rip is and why it is so dangerous. When we all understand what the coaches said, we went on the green grass on the other side and ate our delicious morning tea.

After that we had to change into our togs and the bad news was it was squishy so some of the girls had to wait by the doorway so they didn’t have to be squished. Later we played a game and it was kind of like tag, but instead of only 1 person was in, everyone was in and when you tagged someone they have to sit down until someone tags the person who tagged you and they sit down, and you can get up again. Next we had relays and they put us into numbered teams and Maria was in group 4 and I was as well. We did a relay of saving people using a special kind of red tube and it was wrapped around a person’s waist and taken back to the person who’s been saved and they hold the tube, and it is passed to the next person.

The next task we did was, the coaches called the people who were non-competitors at swimming sports. Next they called the competitors to go to their coach and off we went. Room 2 did boogie boarding first. Everyone had fun doing it because there were a lot of waves and they were super big waves. After the fun, we did another tube saving where you have to pick partners and get a tube. Later the non competitors joined us and my group had 4 people and they were: Mulan, Lily, Caprice, and myself.  We really had a lot of fun.  We got changed back into our mufti shirts and went on to the balcony and did some quiz work about saving yourself on the water.  We had to choose the top 10 facts.

On the very last minute on Red Beach, we went on the bus and I would tell my mum how fun it was and how tired I was.  Maria slept the whole way while I was looking at the view outside.  When we were finally back at school we all wanted to go home, but Mrs Chilvers had to know whose parents were there to pick up or otherwise we had to stay. Luckily my mum came and picked me up as soon as possible so I could go home quickly and take a shower to get the dirty sand off me.