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The next PTA meeting will be held in the staff room at 7.30 pm on October 11th. We aim to keep meetings 30-40 minutes long – and afterwards you’re invited to join us for drinks at Sunset Restaurant. It’s a fun and informal way to get to know other parents at school.

THANK YOU – the required funds to replace the BBQ have been donated on behalf of Holly & Emilia Hughes. Thank you very much! We greatly appreciate the very generous donation.

For an introduction to the new PTA team, please read to the end of this newsletter!

The kids in school are collecting coins from home for the Ten Cent Challenge.  Get the kids  searching your home for 10c pieces and other spare change.  Each classroom has their own coin container and we’ll be counting the money every week. This is a fun competition and also a good way to learn about money and savings; it’s a chance for the kids to see how lots of small coins can add up to make a rather big amount of money. 

The competition ends on September 16th.  The class that collects the most money will be rewarded with ice blocks! 

The money collected was originally earmarked for the purchase of new BBQs for sausage sizzles but will now go towards the refurbishment of the sandpit. 

Don’t miss the upcoming ladies night – a screening of the new movie Bad Moms. It’s a fun flick about a group of Mums revolting against those terrible, perky PTA mums (!).  Check out the trailers on YouTube – it looks really fun; we’re certainly looking forward to this evening at Howick’s Monterey cinema. Bubbles and popcorn are included in the price, and the profits go towards a new cover for the big sandpit near Room 10.  

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What else is happening this year?

  • COMING UP: Kids are currently completing artwork for end of year calendars. Order forms for art calendars with your child’s artwork will be going out later in the term.
  • TERM 4: We are planning on doing a kids disco. It’s gonna be fun! Save the date for the 25th of November. 
  • START TERM 4: Plasters fundraiser – we will send home disaster plasters – really good quality plasters for the kids to sell.
  • TERM 4: Ladies Nail Party – check out and trial some of the awesome Jamberry nail wraps and lacquers. There’ll be wine and cheese, raffles and games. A great girly night that will also raise funds for the school. Save the date for the 11th of November. 

Presentation of the new PTA executive team:

Marie Hagen – Treasurer

I am relatively new to New Zealand; my family and I moved here to Bucklands Beach from Sweden in late 2015. I have one son in junior school at BBPS and I really like the idea of the PTA as it brings parents working together with the school in a way we do not have back home.

I have a background as entrepreneur in design, fashion and crafts and a former career as musician. Nowadays I work as an accountant for a client in Sweden. I still enjoy Music and I sing in a gospel Choir here in Auckland, take guitar lessons and enjoy the Beautiful nature around Auckland while hiking together with my family.

Anna Watson – Secretary

Hi!  I am Mum to my two daughters: one is a new entrant and the other’s in year 2. I grew up in the area and went to Bucklands Beach Primary, myself! My family and I just came back to the area last year after living in Melbourne for 7 years. My work background is as a sales rep and administration. I am looking forward to helping raise money and supporting Bucklands Beach Primary.
Kate Addis – Chairperson

I work full-time in digital marketing. I am very lucky to have found something I love that I also get paid to do!

Our family’s favourite activities include visiting beaches and regional parks when the sun is shining, cooking, eating out, and going fishing.

With a child in year 2, it’s great to be involved in the school. I get a kick out of that fact that we’re working to raise money to make BBPS a great environment for all students.