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 Meeting Opened: 7.55pm Chaired by Philippa Boyes

 Present: Ling Mackinnon (Treasurer), Anna Watson (Secretary), Moira Rowland (Assistant Principal), Marlies Wilson (Staff), Philippa Boyes (BOT), Belinda Manion and Madelein Smit.

 Apologies: Kelly Slater-Brown, Rachel Penney, Tracy Carter and Sarah Owen.

 Approval of last minutes: Approved by Moira and Madelein.

Treasurer’s Report:

Balances as of 31st April 2018


Cheque/00 account


Savings on Call/50 Account*


Savings Plus/51 Account**


Total Bank Accounts (incl enviro)


Enviro funds available (reserve)


Total Bank Accounts (excl enviro)




Banking since last report 10th April 2018


Whittakers Chocolates




Easter Raffle


Family Fun Night


Total Banking


Profit on fundraisers (year to date for 2018)


Whittakers Chocolates


Sausage Sizzle – 06/03, 31/03


Family Fun Night


Second Hand Uniform Shop


Mufti Day


Entertainment book




Easter Raffle


Total Profit (year to date)



PTA Update:

New Chairperson:

  • No update. Still looking.

 Whittakers Chocolates:

  • Anna has been selling left over chocolates after school on Friday – $2 or 3 for $5 plus 3 for $5 with cake recipe for Mothers Day.
  • Flyer is being handed out tomorrow for Friday chocolates sales so kids see advertising.
  • The office is still following up on overdue returns.
  • Anna and Philippa to make up some more Mothers Day recipe packs.
  • Profit to date around $8500 for chocolates.

 Entertainment Book:

  • Anna has collected 20 books plus 1 free book at the Entertainment Book launch.
  • Books are at the office. Emails went out to school and previous buyers to let them know it’s back on sale book or digital.

 Upcoming PTA Events:

Fundraiser – Jack Links Beef Jerky:

  • Beef Jerky samples are to be given out after school to oldest and only with a covering letter explaining their benefits (PTA to proof letter before distribution)
  • A survey will follow to parents to ask what they thought and to ask for suggestions on future fundraising ideas.

 Update on recyclable vegetable bags for Term 2:

  • Going to order 500 produce bags and sell 5 in a pack.
  • Have been able to contact the company on ebay and negotiated on price to $1.50 AUD
  • We can expect delivery within 2 weeks.

 Update on Ice Skating Tour for Term 2:

  • On further investigation we found that our school hall is too small.
  • Option to put out on artificial turf is not appropriate.
  • We will proceed with the annual school disco on 22nd June instead.
  • We will talk to Student Council for ideas on a theme and what items they would like us to sell

Term 3 Fundraising Ideas

  • Athon
  • 10 cents challenge

General business/other matters:

  • There are 3 Sausage sizzles this term.

                        *          Tuesday 22nd May (Choir fundraising)

                        *          Tuesday 5th June (Enviro fundraising)

                        *          Tuesday 26th June (Year 6 fundraising)

Grandparents day – Monday 28th May

  • The school wants to put on an afternoon tea and have requested help from the PTA
  • They are asking the eldest child of family to bring in a plate.
  • Anna, Philippa, Madelein and Belinda offered to help.
  • Grandparents will arrive at 1.40pm
  • Afternoon tea and choir singing will be hosted in the hall from 2.30pm

Meeting closed:  9.30pm

 Next meeting date: Tuesday 5th June 7.30pm

This is a true and accurate record of the PTA meeting held on Tuesday 8th May 2018