Tuesday 4th December 2018

1.45pm  School Staffroom

Contact PTA:  bbppta@gmail.com

Meeting Opened:  Chaired by Philippa Boyes shortly after 13:45

Present:  Philippa Boyes (BOT, Kelly Slater-Brown (Principal), Candice Band, Steph Carter, Tracy Carter, Belinda Manion

Apologies:  Anna Watson;  Madelein Smit

Approval of last minutes:  Belinda Manion approved; seconded by Steph Carter (NB: Minutes not received prior to meeting) – minutes from this meeting to be sent by Tracy Carter to Philippa Boyes, who will send on to Kelly Slater-Brown; once approved, Minutes will be sent to Julie for distribution to school families.

Treasurer’s Report:  (please see attached)  PTA Treasurer Report

Treasurer’s report and approval of expenses since last meeting – report read and expenses approved

PTA Update:

Second hand uniform shop update: Thanks to Janet Daubermann  for running the uniform shop; Janet is now handing the reins back to the PTA.  It has been decided to run the shop back at school in the new PTA room.  The shop will ideally be open once a week.  It’s proposed that we send a survey parents to see if those using the uniform shop would be happy to donate clothes or perhaps receive a flat return ($5 per item).  It’s recognised that we’ll need to keep the uniforms tidy and accessible (and only accept gently-used items for resale).  Shop to be opened in the last full week of school holidays, at the end of January (TBA) , so that parents can pick up what they need and, if those items are unavailable, will still have time to buy new at John Russell.

Calendar Art update – 13 families utilised the second ordering window.  Profit yet to be determined, but as families generally enjoy the products we plan on running the fundraiser in Term 4 again next year.

Raffle update – big thanks to Steph Carter and Candice Band for all their work obtaining prizes; $3,500 profit.

Howick Santa Parade – Sunday 9th December – 29 permission slips back, and 10 adults signed up to help.  Bubble machines, music, banners made by Student Council.  Students to organise own costumes (within guidelines given); red ‘towels’ available for uniformity, and Steph to see who’s keen to use those instead of their own towels from home.

Fitness track extension update – underway over the holidays.

Play Pod progress and steps forward – waiting for John to paint the bottom of the pod; Candice to begin filling it with items; Tracy to draft newsletter to request items from families

Planning for 2019 Fundraisers

* Whittakers chocolates:  Term 1 week 3 (w/ opt out option for families who’d prefer to contribute money instead of receiving a box of chocolates to sell)

* Market day (End of Term 1): bouncy castle, classroom stalls, rent a table etc.

* Disco beginning of Term 2 (week 3-ish)

* Entertainment Book (Term 2)

* Raffle (2 weeks before end of Term 2 and over holidays – until one week after Term 3) – try to get big-ticket item (iPad or Chromebook); advertising to specify prizes

* Spell? Knowledge?)-a-thon (end of Term 3)

* Term 4: Kids Art (calendars, cards, etc)

* Other ideas: Car Boot sale; movie night; Screen-printed canvas bags for sale with kids’ art; Swimming bags; Book covers; Mums’ Night Out at the Movies w/ raffle – look at coming attractions (contact Monterey); Tea towels with kids’ art as Jr. Fundraiser

* Update website with Ongoing Fundraising items for parents to access easily

Final newsletter – playpod item request, etc – see above; out beginning of next week; detail all the things we’ve accomplished as a PTA and school community this year: playpod, sunshades, fitness track

General Business/Other matters

  • Thank You morning tea for the teachers: Dec.10th lots of baking organised – reminder; plate from PTA members, too
  • Christmas Gifts –  Dec. 14th for 8 staff members

Next meeting date: Tuesday 12th February 1.45 to 3.00pm (School starts back 7th Feb) so first meeting to be held the second Tuesday instead of the first.

Meeting adjourned at 14:53