8th May 2018

 Meeting opened: 7.35pm Chaired by Philippa Boyes


Ling Mackinnon (Treasurer), Anna Watson (Secretary), Moira Rowland (Assistant Principal), Marlies Wilson (Staff), Philippa Boyes (BOT), Belinda Manion and Madelein Smit.

 Apologies: Kelly Slater-Brown, Rachel Penney, Tracy Carter and Sarah Owen.

 Previous AGM Minutes: Approved by Anna and Ling.

Chairperson Report (Acting):

Financial Year Ending 31st January 2018

Another year is done and dusted! Firstly, we must thank you lovely ladies for making the PTA what it is. Ling and Anna, your commitment to your executive PTA roles has been amazing and I have enjoyed working with you both. And to you ladies, who attend our monthly meetings and who are never shy to put up your hands to offer your help each month – we thank you! Your dedication to the PTA and the school, ensures we connect as a community and helps us achieve great things!

The PTA also needs to acknowledge the hard working staff of BBPS – both teaching, administrative and caretaking. Without their support at the PTA fundraisers we would not be able to achieve what we do! We do understand that our requests are often last minute and may come at an inconvenient time on top of your already busy days. We thank you!

The PTA appreciates the expectation we put on our parents with all our fundraising efforts, but due to our high decile rating, funding received from the government doesn’t often come close to providing enough resources to meet the requirements of our school. We never intend to put our families under any undue financial stress, therefore we try to offer a range of optional fundraisers (a mix of goods, services, fun and community based). The PTA would like to thank everyone wholeheartedly.

Whilst fundraising can be a hard slog at times, the school has definitely benefited from our hard work in 2017 – we subsidised the new basketball singlets; the PTA contributed to the new special needs computer; it helped our school Chess Team compete nationally; it subsidised the Year 6 Big Day Out (the highlight of the year for many Year 6’s); we helped fundraise for the new Kapahaka uniform and they looked amazing as they represented the school at the Kohanga Festival; the PTA contributed to the new cricket nets on the bottom field and provided sunscreen throughout the classrooms; a PTA initiated committee organised the school float for the 2017 Santa Parade and paid for the school Road Patrollers to go to Rainbows End at the end of the year to thank them for their tireless commitment to ensuring our children get across the road safely – rain, hail or shine. And finally, the PTA was able to donate to the school $28,000 for upcoming BOT property projects.

Unfortunately though, since July last year we have not had a successful nominee elected as our new Chairperson and I have been standing in. I see the huge potential a PTA can make in its school and how much difference a strong, focused and well lead PTA can make to our school. We continue our search into 2018.

Thank you all! Philippa Boyes


There was no objection to Wayne Turei continuing to approve the PTA Annual Accounts provided he is happy to. Wayne did suggest that going forward the minutes need to be signed by the approvers at the next meeting.

Treasurer’s audited report:

Read out by Ling. Funds raised were down on last year due mainly to the fundraising from the disco going directly through the school accounts and less abacus than the previous year. It was still another successful fundraising year. Please see attached treasurers report.

Principal’s and Board speech:

The staff and Board of Trustees members would like to thank the PTA for their outstanding support of the school throughout 2017/2018. The staff and BOT appreciate the time and effort put in by members of the PTA to provide extra money which has enhanced our school. We are mindful that our PTA members are busy people and appreciate the time spent to raise funds for the school.

The relationship between the BOT/PTA/Staff and student council has strengthened over the past year and this is very encouraging for the future as we work together to continue to make our school the best we all can for our students.

Moira Rowlands

Associate Principal on behalf of Kelly Slater-Brown the Principal

Appointment of Executive Committee:

Ling and Anna are happy continuing on as Treasurer and Secretary. We will continue our search for a new Chairperson/persons.

General Business: None

Next AGM meeting: 7th May 2019

Meeting closed: 7.55pm

This is a true and accurate record of the PTA AGM meeting held on Tuesday 8th May 2018


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