Junior School

Room 6:  Corban Baty

  • Excellent perseverance and positive attitude in your reading – keep going!

Room 6:  Elena Chan

  • Using lots of interesting words and phrases in writing – keep going!

Room 7:   Katie Harrison

  • Being a good role model and consistently demonstrating BBPS values.

Room 7:   Mila Malan

  • Being a good role model and showing kindness to others.

Room 8:   Rio Carter

  • Being an engaging author.

Room 8:  Maxwell Zou

  • Being a brilliant Mathmagician.

Room 9:   Elena Fan

  • Helping others in the classroom!

Room 9:   Indigo Harding

  • Always being responsible, helpful and friendly in Room 9!

Room 9:   Ethan Vorster

  • Being a responsible helper in the classroom!

Room 9:   Matthew Hiley

  • Always being sensible and kind to others!

Room 11:   Aidan Lin

  • Asking fantastic questions during our Term 3 inquiry.

Room 11:   Ale Hogan

  • Being a respectful, kind and helpful member of the class.

Room 10:   Ellie Adler

  • Making excellent progress in her writing.

Room 10:   Holly Thompson

  • Lighting up our classroom with her imagination.

Room 5:   Lucas Haddadin

  • His progress and enjoyment in reading.

Room 5:   Max Lee

  • Sounding out words independently.

Room 5:  Perry Gao

  • Consistently producing work of a high standard.

Room 5:  Piper Naufahu

  • Always being so kind and helpful

Room 5:  Evie Willits

  • Having such a positive, caring attitude.


Middle School

Room 13:   Rosie Brown

  • Thinking critically about the texts we read and participating in group discussions.

Room 13:    Bernice Zheng

  • Using interesting ideas and personal voice in her writing to make it exciting to read.

Room 13:    Ellie Wang

  • Consistently demonstrating the BBP school values during the week.

Room 14:   Fedor Tiumkaev

  • Always working to a high standard in all curriculum areas.

Room 14:   Amelia Coxon-Byrne

  • Being a kind and caring member of the class.

Room 14:   Muhammed Shaikh

  • Being respectful and supportive of others at all times.

Room 15:  Tyler Lau

  • Thinking critically about differences in past and present living conditions during our Inquiry Learning.

Room 15: Amber Gerneke

  • Managing herself well in the classroom and taking risks with her learning by giving everything a go!

Room 17:   Taylor Wiles

  • Taking responsibility over his learning and ignoring distractions.

Room 17:   Rachel Feng

  • Constantly showing all of the BBPS values in and out of class.

Room 12:   Cece Kasper

  • Recrafting her writing to make it even more interesting to read.

Room 12:   William Edmondson

  • A positive attitude towards is literacy, especially his reading.

Room 12:   Jackson Currie

  • Using his interviewing skills to find information for this inquiry question.

Room 16:   Izzy Harrison

  • Consistently demonstrating the school values at the highest level and taking ownership of her own learning.

Room 16:   Elena Zeljkovic

  • Exceptional effort towards her class learning demonstrating increased agency and ownership of her progress.

Room 16:   Sophie Young

  • Demonstrating the school values of tiaki (responsibility) and manawaroa (resilience) in completing her work.


Senior School

Room 2:  Harjeevan Singh

  • Always giving his best in all class activities.

Room 2:   Jaida Bennett

  • Her eagerness and enthusiasm for learning the ukulele.

Room 2:  Katie Kendall

  • Outstanding effort in writing an excellent historical narrative.

Room 2:   Byron Ling

  • Outstanding effort and resilience in reaching the speech finals.

Room 3:   Isaiah Govender

  • Being a willing classroom helper.  Isaiah volunteers for most classroom jobs.

Room 3:   Liam Brooke-Smith

  • Creativity and detail in his inquiry learning model using a 3D pen.

Room 4:   Chloey Van Der Merwe

  • Always having a positive attitude and showing perseverance and resilience when she faces challenges both inside and outside of class.

Room 4:   Bradley Daubermann

  • Managing his time well in class and working hard to complete all the learning activities.

Room 1:   Moss Carter

  • Showing creativity in all subject areas.

Room 1:   Ryan Stone

  • Fantastic singing at the Senior School Concert.

Room 18:  Jeante Steenekamp

  • Pushing herself and going out of her comfort zone to sing publicly at the Senior School Production.

Room 18:     Dylan Williams

  • His enthusiastic performance during the Senior School Production and his excellent singing.

Room 19:   Ruby Snell

  • Showing courage, the ability to do things in spite of fear.  Thank you for your awesome drumming!

Room 19:   MacKenzie Nelson

  • Inspiring Room 19 through her actions, energy, and encouragement throughout our performance for the production.

Room 19:   Baran Amani

  • Helping make our production better with kind, specific and helpful feedback.