Junior School

Room 6:  Cecelia Ma

  • Excellent Whanaungatanga with other members of the class – you are an excellent role model

Room 6:   Charlie Haxton

  • Excellent skills when working with others to problem solve in maths

Room 6:  Nathan He

  • Thinking creatively in our inquiry and asking sensible questions

Room 7:   Sienna Croker

  • For being a kind and helpful class member

Room 7:   Eva Yang

  • For working collaboratively in our project based learning

Room 8:   Marco Wang

  • Fantastic progress in literacy

Room 8:  Charlie Robinson

  • Making good choices

Room 8:  Rison Gunasekara

  • Working well with others

Room 9:   Matthew Hiley

  • Consistently showing BBPS values

Room 9:  Billie Snell

  • Consistently showing BBPS values in Room 9

Rom 9:  Mieke Schultz

  • Showing kindness towards others

Room 11:   Emme Selby

  • Trying her best; every day in all subjects

Room 11:   Luca Turner

  • Demonstrating fantastic problems – solving skills in maths

Room 10:   Asher Bowlin

  • Crafting more sophisticated sentences and attempting to spell many words

Room 10:   Matthew Zou

  • Developing independence in his story writing ideas and growing confidence in his spelling

Room 5:   Jessie Yu

  • Having a cheerful and positive attitude towards her learning

Room 5:   Harry Robinson

  • An independent attitude and excellent progress in all areas

Room 5:  Lydia Lau

  • Reading with more confidence and having lovely manners

Room 5:  Jaydee Nathan

  • Having a keen and eager attitude towards learning and life

Room 5:  Bryan Xiong

  • Making good choices both in and outside of the classroom

Middle School

Room 13:   Tayla Goddard

  • Seeking feedback and making changes to improve her writing

Room 13:    Olivia Hu

  • Trying her best to get tasks completed to a high standard

Room 14:   Rylee Girven

  • Improved effort across all learning areas

Room 14:   Kyleigh Wetselaar

  • Being a kind and caring member of the class at all times

Room 15:  Ella-Rose Pilmer

  • Showing kindness to other in the classroom

Room 15:  Aiden Vorster

  • Showing perseverance while learning his Maths Whizz-a-thon facts

Room 15:  Tyler Lau

  • Challenging himself to learn the Stage 6 Maths Whizz-a-thon facts

Room 17:   Aaryan Zaman

  • Actively participating in class discusssion

Room 17:  Caelum Mok

  • Creating accurate and detailed scientific drawings

Room 12:   Allen Illustrisimo

  • Always demonstrating sportsmanship skills during P

Room 12:   Mark Zhang

  • Showing the confidence to contribute ideas in class disscussions

Room 12:   Li-En Downs

  • Being able to recognise different characters’ points of view

Room 16:   Tayt Bowlin

  • Consistently demonstrating the school values in class

Room 16:   Sofia Chen

  • Demonstrating increased independence and manawaroa (resilience) in her learning

Room 16:   Alfred Yin

  • Demonstrating greater manawaroa (resilience) when writing

Room 16:  Cooper Slade

  • Demonstrating tiaki (responsibility) for his writing and mathematics

Senior School

Room 2:  Cohen Barnett

  • Displaying a positive and diligent attitude towards his learning this term

Room 2:   Benjamin Chan

  • Having a smiley, positive attitude at all times

Room 2:  Luke Findlay

  • Making pleasing progress in Mathematics resulting in an excellent score in Maths Whizz-a-thon

Room 2:   Jericho Ngaata

  • Making pleasing progress in Mathematics and achieving an excellent score in the Maths Whizz-a-thon

Room 2:  Jocelyn Xu

  • Displaying a diligent attitude to her learning and always modelling the school values

Room 3:   Emily Park

  • Being a kind and caring pupil.  Emily consistently displays the school values of Whanaungatanga and Manaakitanga (Relationships and Respect)

Room 3:   Dylan Scott

  • For improvement in maths and writing.  100% in his Maths Whizz-a-thon.  Dylan is consistently using punctuation in his writing

Room 3:  Allie Simmons

  • For her effort and outstanding result in the maths whizz-a-thon.  Allie scored 100%

Room 3:  Martina Beavis

  • For strong oral contributions in all class discussion work.  Martina contributes with excellent thinking skills and a strong general knowledge

Room 4:   JJ Le Grange

  • Being a focused learner who listens intently to his peers and shares his ideas with others clearly

Room 4:   India Crowhurst

  • Being a proactive learner who is always willing to extend her knowledge and understand about the world around her.

Room 4:  Amelia Garbarek

  • Always having a positive attitude towards her learning and willing to challenge her thinking through asking reflective questions

Room 4:  Owen Firth

  • Being a caring, responsible and respectful member of the class

Room 4:  Megan Smith

  • Being a resilient learner who’s always willing to challenge her thinking and extend her knowledge and understanding

Room 1:   Winnie Lie

  • Improvement in her writing skills

Room 1:   Catherine Cui

  • Being a reliable and conscientious class member

Room 1:  Stacy Chong

  • Making progress in his writing skills

Room 18:  Olly Wilson

  • Consistently applying BBP values throughout the year in all aspects of Enviro activities.  Fantastic Olly !

Room 18:     Blake Walker

  • Resilience and perseverance in reading and determination to complete all levels.

Room 19:   Vaman Sharma

  • Embodying the school values of whanaungatanga and manawaroa, relationships and resilience, while working to solve maths problems with a classmate

Room 19:   Konstance Ngaata

  • Consistently putting in the effort to not only do her best but striving to do better in all her learning

Room 19:  Maddie Pye

  • Exemplifying the capabilities of a learner:  showing initiative as an enterprising, resourceful, reliable and resilient student