Junior School

Room 6:  Myka Tan

  • Excellent thinking and resilience in her maths.

Room 6:  Louis Wong

  • Sharing his ideas and working as part of a team in writing!

Room 7:  Lawrence Lin

  • Consistently showing responsibility for his learning.

Room 7:  Jessica Lin

  • Consistently showing responsibility for her learning.

Room 8:  Hailey Yan

  • Consistently demonstrating school values.

Room 8:  Ashlee Peng

  • Consistently demonstrating school values.

Room 9:  Matthew Hiley

  • Showing respect and giving everything a go!

Room 9:  Indigo Harding

  • Being a responsible and kind student.

Room 11:  Michaela Robertson

  • Using the visual timetables in the class independently.  Ka pai!

Room 11:  Maximilian Young

  • Working hard to learn his sight words.  Well done!

Room 10:  Freddie Shen

  • Showing excellent mathematical knowledge.

Middle School

Room 13:  Jude Michaels

  • Developing a more responsible attitude in the classroom and focussing on getting his work completed.

Room 13:  Alicia Hewitson

  • Making good choices in her learning and developing problem solving skills to overcome challenges.

Room 13:  Timothy Schruer

  • Showing resilience in his learning and asking for help when tasks need clarification.

Room 14:  Ryan Miller

  • Always offering valuable contributions to group and class discussions.

Room 14:  Olivia Gaunt

  • Demonstrating the value of respect (manaakitanga) through her willingness to help others.

Room 15:  Max Selby

  • Contributing great ideas during class discussions.

Room 15:  Eva Shao

  • Being a great role model to others in the class.

Room 17:  James Harrison-Uren

  • Taking a risk and being a presenter during middle school assembly.

Room 17:  Katelin Mackay

  • Having a positive attitude towards all learning.

Room 12:  Brian Lin-Jackson

  • His improved confidence and ability in swimming.

Room 12:  Emma Lang

  • Using beautiful descriptive vocabulary in her poem.

Room 16:  Elena Zeljkovic

  • Consistently demonstrating the school values.

Room 16:  Isaac Chen

  • Outstanding focus on collaborating and helping others.

Senior School

Room 2:  Charles Wong

  • Thoughtfully helping others to develop their art skills.

Room 2:  Shannelle Lin

  • Demonstrating strong leadership in group work.

Room 3:   Rico Siqueira-Brown

  • Being a kind, caring pupil.  Rico cared about a classmate who was being left out of an activity.  He volunteers for many tasks in the classroom.

Room 3:  Eleanor Young

  • Quality written language.  Eleanor constructs paragraphs with a topic sentence and several supporting sentences.

Room 4:  Victoria Tongalea Koronui

  • Always having a positive attitude and showing perseverance and resilience when she faces challenges.

Room 4:  Kieran Edginton

  • Always trying his best and working well with others.

Room 1:  Montana Wearing

  • Helping to improve the class’s Kapa Haka item.

Room 1:  Ezra Austin

  • Effort put into his writing.

Room 18:   Aimee Gao

  • Excellent focus and perseverance when working on her explanation writing.

Room 18:  Wehan Nortje

  • Asking questions to extend his knowledge.

Room 19:  Zoe Siso

  • Embodying the school values everyday.  Coming ready to learn and always giving her best.

Room 19:  Ryan Billings

  • Working collaboratively and helping others.  Showing kindness and resilience when faced with a challenge.