Today Room 02 went to a local art gallery called Te Tuhi. When we were there, we were inside.  A lovely lady called Charlotte took us through a long winding hall way and led us into an open room. 

When we were inside we were put into groups of six.  I was with Troy, Samuel, Thushar and Victoria.  Charlotte told us to pick a movie that we could act a scene from and practice it.  We picked Peter Pan. Samuel was Peter Pan, Troy was the crocodile, Thushar was Captain Hook, Victoria was a mermaid and I was Wendy and a lost boy. 

When we were done practising, I asked if we could share our skit first.  Our preformance was awesome and everyone loved it.  This is what happened in our skit.  

Captain Hook and Peter Pan were fighting while Wendy was tied up against the mast. I snuck in as one of the lost boys, pulled out a fake pocket knife and cut Wendy free. While this was happening the tic toc Croc cames out of nowhere and attacked Captain Hook. 

When we had all done our skits, Charlotte took us into another room where she showed us how to make a poster of our skit.  I did a Peter Pan poster. 

I really enjoyed our trip to Te Tui and would like to go there again.