Walking in to the room, our teacher Mrs Chilvers told us to wait outside so she could tell the reception that we are Room 2. We settled in and sat on the ground and waited  for the others to settle. Our art teacher and guide was called Charlotte. She told us that we would be acting a story out first by going in our own groups. I was with Mulan’s group and also with Raymond, Jan, and Nick. We had to try to guess other people’s stories.  My group had to act out a story about The Three Little Pigs. Then we went to the studio.  We first had to listen to the instructions and then start drawing. I was telling a story of The Three Little Pigs with the mother saying goodbye to her three little pigs. We had to pretend that we were artists and she said that good artists first play around with their work and then glue it. It took me a long time until I got the pieces sorted out.  I finally glued my work onto the piece of paper and cleaned up the environment around me. She set the people who finished to pick up 20 pieces of paper from the ground. We finished early and had time to wash our hands and go to have a look at the artworks. We lined up outside the door and went with Charlotte. We got to see the amazing artwork on renewable energy.  Later, we finally finished the trip and went back on the bus in tiredness, but happy because we got to learn about art.