On Monday 12th of September Room 2 went Te Tuhi in the morning we were greeted my Charlotte who was our guide for the time that we were there. We first went to Studio 4 where we did a skit that was on a story.  I was with Sophia, Mulan, Jan and Nick and our skit was on The Three Little Pigs. Jan Nick and I were the three pigs, Sophia was the mother and Mulan was the wolf.  Each group got a turn to perform in front of the class.

After the skit Charlotte led us to a room.  It was called School Program.  We had a piece of white paper and lots of other small cards of coloured paper.  Charlotte explained to us that we could make any story out of the card by drawing it, cutting it out and sticking it onto the paper. I made The Three Little Pigs and it turned out to be fun and it was quite easy to make the story.  Our hands got really sticky because of the glue. 

When we finished our story Charlotte led us to a piece of art in the centre of the lobby and we could smell the aroma from the cafe.  She then said that the art was made by someone from Rotorua.  She also said that we might be lucky enough to see steam come out of the top. Then it was time to say goodbye to Charlotte and head back on the bus that was going to drive us back to school.

Te Tuhi was definitely worth going to and I will never forget how much fun and exciting it was.