On Thursday the 26th of May all the Year fives went to Motat.  On the bus I played I spy with Raymond, Maria and Sophia.  When we got to Motat, Abby our educator led us to our morning tea area and meeting area.  My group was Thushar, Xavier, Victoria and Alex H.  After morning tea Room 2 went to explore Motat.  After we explored a tiny bit of Motat then we headed back to the meeting area to get the trail map.

On the trail we were meant to find the buildings and answer the questions about the building.  My favourite building was the school house because it had a chalk board and the desks where wooden and looked cool.

After the trail my group wanted to go to the machine exhibition.  There were pulleys where you had to pull yourself up on a swing to the top and down again.  After the pulley, I pulled a lever and it made a noise. Then I went on a slide.  In my head I thought what is a slide supposed to do with science?

Then we headed to the bus and said goodbye to Abby.  On the way back to school I played I spy with Raymond, Sophia and Maria.