On Thursday the 26th of May, the Year 5s of BBPS went to Motat for a school trip. We went there to learn about inventions and inventors, which I thought was pretty cool.

We departed from the school at 9:00 and drove for 30-35 minutes.  On the way Mulan and I played Yellow Car and we got up to 72 cars. We halted at the entrance and bustled under a big white tent.  Our guide Abby, told us some rules and we walked to our meeting spot, where we had a small snack. It was a little shelter with plastic walls to protect us from the wind and rain.  The wooden floor was covered with a pink reed mat, which felt itchy under my fingers. Abby retold the rules, then she told us our timetable. Room 2 went exploring around the exhibition.

I went with my group; Mulan’s sister Sonja, Mulan, Caprice and Bethany. The first exhibit we went to was the Body Exhibit. It had incredible things like a hearing disk that can hear something from the other side of the room.  When you pull a lever, a smell comes from a Clown’s mouth and you have to guess what the smell was. I was just starting to enjoy the activities when Mrs Chilvers told us to go to our tram ride.

When we arrived, we had to wait, so we got to throw firewood into an old steam engine, which I didn’t do because I was scared. We got to go on the tram and the conductor told us some facts about the tram. Bethany didn’t feel so well, so Xavier’s mum took her to the health room. After the tram, we all went to a different exhibit. 

This exhibit was not as fun as the other one, in my opinion. The parents had to rush us out to the classroom where Abby would be teaching us about inventions. There were different tables with different inventions. Abby told us about inventors and why they decided to invent them. My favourite was the typewriter and the quill and ink well. After that Abby told us to check out the 3D printer in the exhibit next door.

We all had a look at the printer and the other children found something better. An Arcade! Everyone crowded around the stalls, while I lingered behind. Shaan, from Room 1, let me join in on his arcade, which I thought was very kind. We played and played until Mrs Chilvers bustled us out.

We then walked back to our meeting place to have lunch.  Oh, what a lunch that was. It filled my empty, hollow, hungry stomach. The delicious, delightful food ran down my throat, slipping into my stomach.  My jam sandwich was the exact thing to fill my empty stomach. Abby told us to pack up so we could go on with our last activity.

Room 2’s last activity was the Trail. We had a map with all buildings and we had to find different places, look around and answer questions on the paper we had. We only got through 5 questions before we had to go back to our meeting spot at 1:50 pm.   The trip to Motat was a great experience to learn more about olden day things, inventions and inventors. It was a trip to remember.