The day was cold and wet, as we boarded the bus to take us to the netball courts at Lloyd Elsmore  Park.   At the courts we played our first game.  II was against Point View.  I played GK which stands for goal keep.  I had to try to block the other teams shoots.  We lost but we had great fun.

Then we played a couple more games. Sunnyhills was the hardest.  My favourite game was against Maccleans Primary.  I met a really nice girl there called Emily.  She was the other team’s shooter.  We won against Macleans Primary.   We ended up playing six games.  We won one, tied two and lost three games. By the time we got back to school we were tired and could not wait to put our feet up.

We had an amazing day and I hope that we can play netball again as a team.