My role as a tree is very important to humans. I have to make oxygen for humans and I take part in the water cycle for transpiration. We trees suck up the rain and turn the goodness into our food and the rest evaporates. We also use the sun’s beams to help the food process. This is called photosynthesis. We also make shade for people on hot days.

The next thing I do is make oxygen for people and their livestock. Then people breathe it in and breathe out carbon dioxide.  Then I breathe it in and I make oxygen and that happens again and again.

If you’re an artist then you should know to reuse paper because it’s like saving trees from getting cut down. Some artists aren’t aware of how much paper they use but some buy big scrap books which is a bit better than using a new piece paper for every drawing you do. I know you want to help save trees so I think we should use scrap paper for maths.

Trees help stop global warming while humans and their factories and cars contribute to it.
Did you know that cows contribute to global warming?