My Life as a Raindrop


Floating in the dark ocean, I was bored and tired. Over a hundred years I have been floating in the dim ocean and being in the same place over years and years. I haven’t been able to move places for years, and years.

Suddenly, I fly right up, feeling soft and light.  Strange,I have never felt so warm before. It was so comfortable up in the sky. I was so happy, I had evaporated!

Mysteriously, I fly up and up until I turn into water vapour!  I had never felt so alive before.  I feel watery and all moist.  How strange as I never felt that before. Then I just remembered, condensation! It is one of the steps where you turned into a  cloud.

My friends and I get sucked into trees and plants. Our waters give water to the atmosphere to help plants live. This we call it transpiration.

My friends and I get really heavy and the clouds can’t hold us.  We tried to hold on to the cloud, but we lose our grip and we slip down to the ocean.  I fall on the ground. Then our neighbours started to fall as well.  Then it started raining!  Then all the other parts of the earth had hail and sleet and also on the mountains it snowed!  Everyone has been waiting for this, precipitation.

Later on through my life, I get filtered and go through so many pipes, and I get drunk by humans!  Then my life went back to normal again and again. I am back in the sea.