Yesterday we went to Motat and we did lots of fun things like going and talking.  My favourite part was watching a 3d printer design a spiral that was green . Everyone had a good time and so did I . At Motat Alex and I played lots of games.  We even got to go on one of the old double decker buses.  I was super excited to go on the bus.   Then I paused, I saw a fire and it was Thomas the tank engines friend’s cousin and we got to throw wood into the fire chamber.

In the olden days photography was mainly just black and white. People would always have to wait for a week until they could get a long roll of plastic that had all the photos on it.  We wrote our names in ink but we had to use blue even though I wanted pink. Then we had lunch so I ran and grabbed my bag, then sat, ate and talked.

After that we had to go back to the entry and find our class so we could leave. On the way back everyone was talking loudly but Alex H and I were trying to get some rest from walking.   I enjoyed my Motat trip.