Dear Parents

To support the learning for our Inquiry this term the Year 3 and 4  team are going to make a journey by bus to visit the Pigeon Mountain wetlands, the Wakaaranga estuary and the Rotary walkway on the following date:  Wednesday 2 March 2016.   The cost of this trip will be $4.00 which will pay for the buses we will need to transport us there and back.

Further details of the day’s plan will be sent out at a later date.

The Treadlightly Caravan will be visiting BBPS and will be delivering an environmental programme to all our students. The cost of this is $2.50.

Paying Online

You are welcome to make payments for trips online. To do this, open the school webite Go to “Parent Shop” and pay on “Wrap it Up”.

Kind regards

Debbie Rist (Middle Team Leader)


Please return this form to your class teacher in a sealed named envelope.

I give permission for my child to travel by bus to and from Pigeon Mountain and the Rotary walkway on the 2nd March.                          

I have enclosed or paid $4.00 to cover the cost of transport to and from Pigeon Mountain and the Rotary walkway.

Rotary walkway transport                                           $4.00

Tread Lightly  Caravan                                                $2.50

I would be interested in being a parent helper on the trip to Wakaaranga estuary and I am willing to walk with children along the Rotary walkway.                Yes / No

I can provide my own transport if required.  (All children travel by bus)          Yes / No

Total Money Enclosed     $ __________________ or I have paid online   Yes / No

 Child’s Name _____________________________________   Room No. _______

Parent Signature ______________________          Contact Phone number_________________