We would like to extend a warm welcome to all those students and their families who have joined the Middle School this term.  This is going to be a busy and exciting term.

Please do not hesitate to contact the school if there is an issue or problem at school, or at home.  Our email addresses can be accessed on the school website – go to ‘Our People’ and then ‘Our Staff’ to find the teacher you wish to contact.



All students are expected to wear the correct uniform items every day.  Those who are not in the correct school uniform will need a note from home to inform the class teacher about the reason.  Please remember that shoes/sandals should be only black and suitable to run and play in.

Students are also reminded that they are expected to wear the correct uniform for sport and PE. The sports uniform is blue shorts with a sports t-shirt and suitable footwear. School uniform is to be worn to and from school with the students changing at school prior to their PE lesson.


All Year 3 and 4 students have a PE lesson with Mr Grimmer on Monday. On Wednesday the students will be involved in a sports and arts rotation, where they will take part in gymnastics, drama or music. PE is part of the school curriculum and it is important that your child brings their sports uniform on each of these days. Mr Grimmer has asked that on Monday the students wear sports shoes for their PE session.


Students are asked to complete home learning on a regular basis.  Home learning encourages the development of good study skills and habits, provides opportunities for parents to have a sharing time with their children and will help students to develop responsibility for their own learning.  

For Year 3 and 4 children, up to 20 minutes a night is considered sufficient.

In the Middle School, home learning will be set weekly. Home learning will usually comprise of daily reading, spelling words to be learnt and maths such as basic facts or problem solving activities. These skills support our writing, reading and maths programmes.

From time to time teachers will set additional tasks to be completed.  These tasks will be explained in the home learning book.

Book bags / library bags are to be used to transport readers and library books to and from school and to and from the library. Students will not be able to issue a library book or bring home a school reader without a book bag.

Please take the time to read to or with your child on a daily basis.  Reread the readers with your child, read from the library books or read a book from your own collection.  Make it a regular thing and a fun time.


Cross Country

Our school cross country will be held on Friday 25th August (saving day Monday 28th August).  The middle and senior school races will commence at 1.15 p.m.   Students will practise and build their running stamina over the next five weeks, and are asked to bring shoes suitable for running each day.

On the day of the cross country all children will be required to bring their PE shorts, top, sneakers and their school sweater to put on afterwards. They will also be required to bring a bottle filled with water that can be placed at their station.

The first six students from each race will be selected to be part of the interschool cross country team.  There will be one girls and one boys team for years 4, 5 and 6.  There will also be two other students who will be selected by teachers. The two additional students will be those who have shown determination, sportsmanship and have participated in extra training provided by the school.

During the week prior to the cross country we will be walking the middle and senior students out of the school grounds and around the course. We will be doing a letterbox drop to inform the local community of the actual cross country event.  A separate form will be given to each child asking for permission to leave the school grounds for the practise.

We would appreciate the help of parents who could assist us at stations around the course.

We ask that no dogs are brought onto the school grounds.

Storylines Presentation

On the 14th of September, the Storylines Production Company will deliver an exciting and interactive show called “Puss in Boots: Pet Detective”. This performance ties in with our writing this term, as we are focussing on writing a narrative story and also on preparing for our arts performance in term four.

The cost per student to attend the Storylines show is $5.00.

Te Tuhi Art Gallery

Te Tuhi art gallery offers free visits and art lessons to schools.  This term each class will visit the gallery to take part in an art lesson conducted by a Te Tuhi educator. The theme of the lesson ties in with our study of geometry, where each child will make a piece of art using geometric shapes to design their Dream House.  The cost of this trip is $5.00 to cover the bus ride.

Inquiry Focus

This term middle school students will be conducting an inquiry unit investigating the different states of matter. We will conduct experiments to inquire into:

  • Basic chemical actions and reactions
  • How common substances interact when they are mixed
  • The science investigation process (nature of science )
  • The properties of food materials and their place in our lives (function)
  • Causes of change

Over the term each class will be involved in conducting experiments using common kitchen substances and observing the physical and chemical changes that take place.

If you are able to help in any way for this inquiry, please talk to your child’s teacher.

Throughout the term, our focus in maths is measurement and geometry, and continuing to increase number knowledge and strategies.  In literacy we will focus on persuasive writing, explanations, and writing a narrative – telling a story.

Speeches and Oral Reading

This term the year 3 students will practise and present a piece of oral reading to their class. The year 4 students will practise and present a short speech of their choice to their class. Two students from each class will then present their speech to the year 3 and 4 students, and to an invited guest.

Throughout the term students will be learning about and practising speech writing, and oral presentations. The final presentation for speeches and oral reading will be in week 7.


The school website is an efficient way to advise the school office of absences, read team and school newsletters, access the school lunch ordering system, and access your child’s learning through the ‘Student Voice’ tab. As the year progresses your child will post examples of their learning to the site. The children love it when someone comments and leaves feedback on their work.

Important dates  for this term

7 and 8 August – Dance Festival – Elim College

11 August – Google Summit – for selected students

24 August – Science Competition – for selected students

25 August – Cross Country- 1-3pm

Saturday, 2 September – Koanga Festival

Week 5 – Senior Production

Week 7, Oral reading and speech finals

14 September – Storylines performance

15 September – Quickhit Cricket

19 September – Te Tuhi art gallery Rooms 13 and 14

21 September – Te Tuhi art gallery Rooms 15 and 16

26 September – Te Tuhi art gallery Rooms 17 and 5

29 September – Last day of term. School finishes at 3pm

Paying Online

All payments for trips etc can be made online. Go to “Parent Shop” and pay on “Kindo” on our school website (this has replaced Wrap it Up).

Te Tuhi Art Gallery

The cost for each child to attend Te Tuhi Art Gallery is $5.00.


The cost for each child to attend the Storylines performance is $5.00.


Parent Helpers

I would be interested in being a parent helper on the trip to Te Tuhi Art Gallery.

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