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A community of agile and collaborative learners – Proud of who we are, empowered to make a difference

Kia Ora, Nǐ hǎo, Hallo, Greetings,  

Welcome to all our new students and their families who have recently joined us: Amber Shepherd, Helius Chen Ze Lau, Felicity Cavin, Aiden Gerber, Nina Guo, Lucas Zhang, Alexander Wallace, Cilla Evans, Madden Carr, Beau Nankivell and Yanzhe Ma.

It has been an action-packed second half of term one, highlighting why learning at school is much better in person than online!  Students have been enjoying and embracing all that school has had to offer.  To name some of the activities, we’ve had: life learning from inside the Life Education caravan, Eye on Nature trip to the Botanical Gardens, swimming carnivals, swimming lessons, a beach trip, a fun run, interschool cricket, student council is up and running, peer mediators and whanau leaders have been trained and a student newspaper team has been assembled.   


We have also had some unwanted action in the office, in the form of a burst pipe that resulted in a weekend flood!   I’d like to acknowledge the amazing office staff, who coped very well in a super noisy environment, while the many fans and dehumidifiers worked their magic.  


It is with great sadness we hear of the passing of a local student due to a car accident.  Our thoughts are with the family and the Pigeon Mountain Primary School community.  We know that some of our community have connections with the family. Please reach out should you need support.

The board have reviewed the health and safety of our school’s drop off and pick up areas at our meeting last week.  We have identified areas of risk and how we might mitigate that risk.  Look out for an update from the Board outlining some planned changes in the coming week.   

School Uniform

Please can you make sure that your child is coming to school in the correct school uniform (including shoes) and that all uniform is clearly labelled with your child’s name and current room.  We have very efficient year six monitors who return all named lost property.  Unnamed lost property is put on the rack outside the hall, where there is a sizeable collection.  Please do come and have a look through if your child has lost any uniform items – there is a large selection!   See the school website for more information about our school uniform. 

A reminder also that our wonderful PTA sell second hand uniform onsite, located opposite the caretaker shed, behind room 1 and is open on Friday mornings from 8:30 – 9:00.   

 School finishes at the usual time of 3:00 on Thursday the 1st of April and reopens at 8:30 on Wednesday the 7th of April.  Have a great Easter holiday and enjoy your family time.  

Kelly Slater-Brown




Secure your financial future and help us fundraise – It’s a win-win! 

We know it’s been a tough period for most families and for our children. For this reason, when we discussed fundraiser initiatives for the year, we wanted to include something that could make a difference in the lives of the families of the Bucklands Beach community. Given the year we’ve had, financial wellbeing stood out for us as we all want to protect our families, our jobs, and our lives. We’re therefore excited to partner with Assetwise, a financial services company providing specialist advice for all your Kiwisaver, mortgage, and insurance needs. Assetwise shares our wellbeing vision and is offering our families a free, no-obligation consultation whether you want to review your existing policy, add to your portfolio or start your financial journey. For every policy confirmed, a contribution of $250 will be made towards the PTA’s fundraising. We encourage you to support this fundraising initiative by completing this form or for more information, contact Isaac Govender on 021 136 5183. Please also spread the news by sharing this offer with your friends and whānau.

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