Lightning is a burst of electricity that is caused by ice and water in the clouds.  There are lots of spectacular kinds of lightning, some you need to be careful around.  In some areas the lightning can be stronger and there are more frequent lightning storms, while there are some places who don’t have lightning storms at all.

Lightning is caused when little ice drops bunch up in the clouds and then they create an electrical charge.  The electricity flashes and it creates positive and negative charges.  The negative goes up to the positive and then the flashes appear in the sky.  There are different types of lightning, including Fork lightning which comes down parallel then branches out from the strike.  Sheet lightning just lights up the sky.  Bead lightning looks like a broken necklace with beads hung on.  Spider lightning crawls across the sky like a spider web.  Ribbon lightning is a streak of red lightning that looks like a ribbon.

If there is a lightning storm and you are in an outdoor pool, get under a shelter quickly.  If you are in a car in a lightning storm, stay away from the metal parts. The car is pretty tall and it has a positive charge. The metal will send electric shocks, which could be fatal.  Stay inside the house and keep away from metal.

Lake Maracaibo, in Venezuela, has lightning storms nearly every night.  The citizens are hoping that tourists will go and visit the incredible experience.

I think lightning is really cool, how it’s made, and its forms.  But it could be dangerous at the same time.  Direct lightning strikes are usually fatal and if you are in water with lightning, you’re in trouble.