Relationships – Whanaungatanga, Resilience – Manawaroa, 

Respect – Manaakitanga, Responsibility – Tiaki 

A community of agile and collaborative learners – Proud of who we are, empowered to make a difference

A very warm welcome to all our students and families in the Junior School.

Junior team:

Mrs Sarah Bartholomew Junior School Leader of Learning & Transition      
Room 9  Mr Dan Frost    Y0
Room 7  Ms Anna Madgwick  Y1
Room 10 Miss Annie Whitman Y1
Room 11 Ms Delwyn Jackson    Y1
Room 6 Mrs Liz Keel    Y2
Room 8 Mrs Shari Knox  Y2

As part of the BBPS Junior Team we strive to ensure that children feel secure in their class, enjoy coming to school and develop confidence and independence. Our goal is to facilitate learning through project based learning, by guiding and assisting students with ongoing development of thinking skills, problem solving, working collaboratively and communicating effectively. 

We really value the partnership with parents in helping to make our vision a reality. Initially the classes will be busy: 

  • getting to know the children’s interests, skills, talents, achievement levels and specific learning needs.
  • establishing relationships
  • setting up routines and expectations 


This term the Junior School are working on their ‘small ball skills’ and then later in the term we shall be preparing for Cross Country and getting plenty of running experience ready for the Cross Country event early next term.

We will also be doing Gymnastics in the school hall each Monday where we’ll tie in some dance, movement and drama too (all linked to space).


See below for the library timetable.  Please ensure the larger library book bag is returned containing any books your child has issued, so they can choose a new library book.  The library days are:

  • Room 6 – Wednesday
  • Room 7 – Friday
  • Room 8 – Tuesday
  • Room 9 – Thursday
  • Room 10 – Thursday
  • Room 11 – Friday

This term we’ll be learning about Space and what it means to ‘think like a Scientist’.

A time to share our learning with you will be published towards the end of the term.

Bookings have been made for an exciting experience for you to enjoy as a family at the StarDome Planetarium.  Well done to those families who have booked onto one of the amazing evenings.  

Home Learning 

Monday – Thursday

  • Daily reading books. Children may bring home the same book for more than one night depending on their reading level and the focus for lessons. Only one reading book at a time will be coming home due to the high use of all of our readers. The current reading book needs to be returned before a new one is issued.  Please ensure readers are kept clean and dry and returned in book bags, as other groups and classes need them. They are very expensive to replace. Please also ensure a book bag is at school each day because no book bag = no book.  
  • On Fridays, instead of the reader, children will bring home their poem book and library book, which will need to be returned to school the following Monday. (Individual classes may have some variation to this procedure.)
  • Reading Eggs is an optional online reading programme. There will be a separate letter coming out shortly if you would like to sign your child up.  If you would like your child to access Reading Eggs, a payment of $35 needs to be made through Kindo, or at the office.  Students will receive their passwords when payment has been received.
  • Alphabet/blend and word recognition practice.
  • Maths – Have a close look at the NZ Maths website – this is an outstanding supporting resource: On this site is the NZ Maths families’ link with lots of information for parents (and in particular the ‘Helping at home’ section) 

Teachers may send home Maths homework to support classroom learning. Please play lots of games at home such as cards and board games like ‘Snakes and Ladders’ and ‘Monopoly’. 

Children can be attracted to classroom items that sometimes find their way into pockets. Please return any bits and pieces such as little teddies from the maths corner – we would be grateful …and no questions asked! 

The School Day 

Children settle better if they have had time in the morning to unpack, get their book bags organised, and briefly play with friends before school.  The best arrival time is between 8:30am – 8:45am.   Class starts at 8:50.  If you are running late, please sign in at the office.

If your child is going to be late or absent, please phone the school on 534 6543 and leave a message with the reason why your child is away, or go to ‘Report an Absence’ on the school website and complete the quick form. 

At the end of the day, we ask parents to arrive no earlier than 2:50. If you arrive before the 3.00pm bell, please wait away from the classroom e.g. by the sun shelter or ‘friendship seats’, so that teachers can end the day with the children’s full attention for notices etc. 

Children may ride scooters to and from school, but not within the school grounds when it is busy with parents, preschoolers and other children. 


Please ensure your child’s uniform is named, so it can easily be returned (including a spare pair of knickers/undies in school bags if needed). Lost property is stored outside the hall. School shoes should be black (no coloured sneakers please).

We have also noticed large elaborate hair bows/ties/animal eared headbands etc being worn at school.  Please can these be saved to wear at the weekends or after school.

If your child has their ears pierced please can they only wear studs at school due to health and safety reasons. All other jewellery should be kept at home please.

Brain Snacks & food

Many Junior classes eat ‘brain snacks’ to break up the morning, so please provide healthy food for this. There is NO sharing of food due to allergies. 

  • Only send water to school.
  • Please don’t send any lollies, or chocolate to school.

Parent Help

We welcome your involvement through the PTA, returning readers to the reading room or helping on trips. Please contact your child’s teacher if you are able to help out.

We look forward to a happy successful term.

Warm regards,

Sarah Bartholomew & the Junior School Teachers