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A community of agile and collaborative learners – Proud of who we are, empowered to make a difference

Kia Ora, Nǐ hǎo, Hallo, Greetings, 

A big welcome to our new students and their families that have recently joined us:  Riley Smith, Darren Lin, Keira Doyle, Ella Huang, Maggie Kuang, Melina Lukacs, Zeti Lukacs, Zara Marchand, Diane Gerber, Gurleen Malhi and Finn Hagglund.   If you have younger siblings who are going to start school in the next six months or know of friends children who are going to be enrolling, it always helps with planning if we know nice and early.  You can now enrol online if you prefer.

Our building upgrades outside rooms 1 – 5 are coming on well, despite the awful weather.  We are very lucky to have a spare room at present to temporarily move classes to, while the windows and doors are replaced in each class.  As always, our students have been very good about taking this into their stride.  Next term we open up another new entrant class.  We are currently interviewing potential teachers to open the class.

Three-Way Conferences 

I hope you have all managed to book in for a three way conference in the last week of term.  I’m sure you will also be able to contribute to the conference, given your home learning time during Covid!  A reminder of the details:

3-Way Conferences will be held on:

Wednesday 1st July     :           3.30 p.m. – 5.00 p.m.            

Thursday 2nd July        :           1.00 p.m. – 5.00 p.m.,  5.30 p.m. – 8.00 p.m.

Due to Covid-19, if you would prefer to hold an online 3-way conference with your child’s teacher instead of coming into school, please book in a time and then email the teacher stating that you would prefer to do the conference online. 

Parents are requested to book online by logging onto

To make all bookings, the code is:    vfzzc   

Please note school closes at 12.30 p.m. on Thursday 2 July.  If it is not at all possible to make arrangements for your children, the school will provide limited supervision until 3.00 p.m.  SKIDS will run as usual from 3.00 p.m.  Please indicate if supervision will be required on the form sent home previously.  Only those students remaining until 3 p.m. need to have a lunch at school.

Hero (Link Ed)

Teachers are working on writing general comments, that will be shared with you early in week 12.  They are also working to get learning goals as up to date as possible.  With such an unusual year, your child’s progress may look slower than usual in some subjects, due to the lack of time at school to cover as much.  I’m confident that we will be back on track over the second half of the year.  

Drop Off / Pick Up

We have collated the feedback and changed our proposal as a result. It was pleasing to see the majority of respondents in favour of retaining the independence and relationship gains teachers have reported. Our protocols for the rest of this term take on board your suggestions, balanced with providing opportunities to capitalise on the benefits we have seen.

We are conscious that when we make changes for a perceived benefit, we need to capture what may be lost as a result. Our school values vibrant parent/community involvement and we aim to get to a place where we have both calm, focussed learning in the morning and sufficient contact between parents and teachers.

Morning and Afternoon Protocol from Friday;

  • Learners may choose their gate of entry and exit.  We have enjoyed welcoming children at the gates, and will continue to do so.
  • Gates will be opened at 8.30am, monitors come through the office
  • Road Patrol duty will begin at 8.30am
  • Learners may enter class from 8.30am to prepare for the day ahead
  • We strongly encourage parents to maintain the ‘kiss and go’ at the gates, supporting further growth of self belief and independence 
  • 8.30am – 8.50am is valuable time for teachers to greet and connect with children, we ask parents not to use this time to check in with teachers unless urgent
  • Parents and caregivers are very welcome to come onsite to collect children from their classrooms at 3pm and check in with teachers (gate will open at 2.50pm)
  • Our staff are on duty from 8.30am to 3.15pm, we urge you to refrain from leaving children unattended outside of this time. Skids is our onsite before and afterschool care facility (021 616 513)
  • While building is still in progress, the back gate and gate by room 17 will be locked at 3:15.  A bell will ring at 3:30 to signal it is time for everyone to be off school grounds so the front gate can be locked.  We are hoping the building work will be completed early next term.

Teacher Only Day

A reminder that Friday the 3rd July is a teacher only day, where we will be preparing and planning for a hopefully normal term 3!  Skids will be open for the day if you need them.

Creative Writing – Year 5


Dark…cold…everything was…blank. A small speck of light was dancing around before my eyes. It grew bigger and bigger until it was all a light shade of blue. I was breathing. I felt like I was falling, but slowly, what could be happening? I couldn’t be in water because I wouldn’t be able to breathe. I opened my eyes…and to my surprise..I was UNDERWATER! Millions of questions whizzed through my head. How was I breathing? How did I get here? What happened? I felt a soft flat surface on my back, “This must be the ocean floor.” I said to myself. I tried swimming…..I shot through the water like a speeding bullet! It was like I had rocket boosters on my feet. This reminded me, “MY CLOTHES!” I looked down and to my surprise, two sets of gills sat on both my right and left ribs. Did I even have ribs?

The next day, I wanted to explore the waters, see what else I could do. I found a nearby coral reef and admired the beautiful creatures. I went up out of the water to see if I could find land, or people. I looked around and I couldn’t find any type of civilisation. All I could see was a dark fin slicing through the water. Could it be a…probably not. I looked under the water and saw nothing, and said to myself, “must be hallucinating.” I looked under just to make sure there actually wasn’t a shark, and I was startled from an open mouth full of hundreds and thousands of rows of teeth right in front of my eyes, “AAAHH GGG!!!” I screamed and closed my eyes. I wasn’t eaten…instead, the shark swam away in fright. 

What could have happened? Whatever happened, it was the most astonishing thing that had ever happened to me. So for twenty nine years I was underwater saving drowning people, and doing all the heroic things in the water. When I finally decided to check out the land, I was being called…..AQUAMAN.

Tayt – Year 5

Ngā mihi nui,












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