Dear Parents/Caregivers

The junior school will be visiting The Howick Historical Village to take part in our educational programme entitled, “Then and Now.” It primarily involves the curriculum areas of social science and technology, with the opportunity to experience aspects of early NZ life before certain inventions. Students will have a village tour, an ‘olden days’ lesson using slates, butter churn, indoor toys and outdoor Victorian games.

The DAY your child’s class will attend is HIGHLIGHTED here:


Rooms 7, 8, 9 = Wednesday 9th November

Rooms 6, 10, 11, 12 = Friday 11th November


Howick Historical Village                      Transport: will be by bus to and from the venue.


9.00am leave school – 2.45pm back at school      Cost: $16 per student.

He / She will require: Drink, Morning Tea and Lunch, Sun cream applied, suitable hat & shoes.

Please return the slip by Wed 2 November., Regards, BBPS Junior Team.




 I give / do not give permission for _________________________ to attend The Howick Historical Village to take part in their educational programme entitled, “Then and Now” and to travel by bus, to and from HHV Venue.


Name & Signature ______________________________________________________

Dates: Rooms 7, 8, 9 = Wednesday 9th November

Rooms 6, 10, 11, 12 = Friday 11th November

 I am able to attend as a parent helper, if required[please circle]YES – NO

Name:_______________________________ Ph:____________________

[As much as we like them… we have been instructed NOT to allow

pre-schoolers to come with us on this school trip.]


Dressing up for your Visit:

Students are encouraged to come dressed for the visit. Dressing up enhances the educational experience of The Olden Days! This can be achieved by adapting clothing already found at home!

Boys – Long trousers (Jeans, corduroy, cotton drill) with optional braces. Long sleeved shirt with scarf or floppy bow tie at neck (shirt tucked in or worn over trousers with belt). Optional waistcoat or boots or lace-up shoes. Cap.

Girls – Dress mid-calf length (not full length). ‘Skirt and blouse’ are acceptable. Optional petticoat and pantalettes. Optional apron or pinafore. Stockings or long socks. Boots or shoes. Cape or shawl (square of fabric folded diagonally e.g. baby blanket or table cloth) tied at the front or pinned with non- valuable brooch. Bare head, bonnet or straw sun hat.

AdultsAdults may also come in Victorian clothing.

Men – White shirt with normal collar standing up with a cravat or small scarf tied in a front bow. Leather shoes or boots plus suit with colourful vest, top hat or felt hat. Light coloured trousers, dark jacket and vest, top hat or felt hat or trousers, braces or vest, straw hat.

Women – Bonnet or straw sunhat, gloves, white stockings, leather shoes or boots. Long full colourful dress or long full skirt with blouse covered by a large shawl (fabric square folded into a triangle). A plain jacket or cape.