Dear Parents

We would like to invite our Grandparents to spend some time with us at school on Monday 28 May for our Grandparents’ Day.  

Students would appreciate it if their Grandparents could share their memories of their school days, perhaps reading a story and bringing one or two photographs.  Perhaps they could teach a game they used to play at school to the children.

Students look forward to meeting Grandparents in their classroom at 1.40 p.m.  

At 2.30 p.m. we invite all Grandparents to join the school in the hall for a sing-a-long and to enjoy a ‘cuppa’ along with some afternoon tea.  Please could you send a plate (with name and class) of biscuits/scones/cake to school – one plate per family please to school on the morning of Monday 28th May.

If a grandparent is in the fortunate position of having two or more grandchildren at the school, they should go to the youngest child’s classroom first, where the oldest child/children will come and meet their Grandparents.

Please complete the form below and send back to your child’s teacher if letting us know whether a Grandparent will be able to join us on Monday 28 May.  (Surrogate grandparents are also very welcome).

Warm Regards,

Bucklands Beach Primary School


Please detach and return to your child’s teacher



I/We are able to attend the Grandparents’ Day on Monday 28 May at 1.40 p.m.

Number attending:

Grandparent’s name(s):

Child’s Name: Room Number: