I nervously hopped on to what looked to be a thrilling ride. It looked both scary and exciting, maybe because of all the big loops, twists and turns I could see.
Buckled in my seat, the ride was about to start 3……2…….1….
Here we goooooooo!

I screamed so loud, I think I made myself deaf and my throat started to get dry. I went over those massive bumps.
All of the twisting and turning started to make me feel sick. I hoped I wasn’t turning green. I took a quick glance at the people who were behind me, they had their hands in the air like they just didn’t care. The corkscrew loops made my stomach feel queasy. As things went whizzing past me, I got a faint whiff of delicious food. My stomach began filling up with butterflies as we started to go up and up and up. Ascending, higher and higher.

We were descending. Fast. I could feel the wind rearranging my face as we hurtled down towards middle earth. We were about to hit the ground but then..Vroom! We had rocketed back up towards the sky.  I thought “Is this how it feels to be in a space shuttle?”
Up, up and up. Down around and around. I’m twisting to the left and then to the right.
Seriously? It’s doing another full circle. 
I feltl sick.

Oh my gosh, thank goodness it’s over. I breathed a sigh of relief. 
I wanted to kiss the ground as I stumble out of my seat.

It was a ride to remember.