On  24/08/16 Esther came to our school to teach us again.  She taught us about how a whole day of sun shining on the solar panels can charge your device for one year.  But solar panels costs are expensive. But if one day it is raining there will be no sun and also no energy unless you buy a battery.  A battery is a big metal box that can store energy.  What do we need batteries.  Batteries can put the energy of the day because you can cannot save energy.  Energy likes to escape.  Esther said that over the years people made amazing solar inventions with big batteries.  With solar power the tent lights up when it is night time.  A solar power plane is another invention.  When it is dark there will be solar powered lights on the planes. I think the ideas are cool because they can save burning fossil fuels like petrol, oil, gas and wood. The force of the water and wind is so strong that it is used to make energy for the whole of New Zealand . Also energy making does use the power of the wind and the water. But the wind and water does not run out. Inside the healthy food is chemical energy. Then it turns into mechanic energy after we eat it and use up energy.