Year 3 girls, year 3 boys,… Year 5 girls!  My heart was pumping fast like an roller coaster zooming past the rails. We lined up and went to Mrs Riach. Everyone could see we had to warm up and off we went. One by one, we sprinted through the path  overtaking others. Parents were cheering for us like crazy. People were screaming out compliments and encouraging us to run. We broke into sweat before it was half way. I was huffing and puffing uphill and downhill, “keep on going, keep on going,” yelled the parents. Time passed by and I had the stitch….. Finally, I made it through the fitness track and onto the basketball court. Almost the end, I thought to myself. At the end, I made it through the last bit, and tied with Mulan.

Back at the meeting place, I collapsed onto the ground. That cross country was a tough one, but I think that’s the best cross country I ever had and that was good enough to make me go home and have a huge rest.