On Friday after lunch we all sat on the astroturf for cross country.  Every whanau was there. Waiheke, Rangitoto, Motutapu and Pakatoa.

The first whanau was Pakatoa represented by blue. It was an outstanding race.  Every student in Pakatoa was fast like the flash.   I couldn’t even see who was going to be first and they finished.  The next whanau was Rangitoto.  That was my whanau! I was really nervous.  I was hoping that I would come 12th or 11th.  We did a few stretches.  Then we went off.  Everyone was sprinting like cheetahs.  I was in second or third place. Then other sprinters came past me. I was now in 14th or 13th place. Then I finished.  i ended up being 12th. One of the places I wanted to be in.  When I was running I felt free and athletic.

 When I got home, the second I got to my bedroom I fell asleep.