Mrs Chilvers called out on the bright, red megaphone across the AstroTurf. “Year 3 boys.” The boys jumped up and trotted away like horses.  My friend Sophia, and I were chatting away excitedly (and nervously) while we waited for our turn. “Year 5 girls,” came a sudden voice.  Sophia and I stopped playing and glanced around nervously. We were both in Waiheke, so we stepped out of our box and trailed out of the Astro turf like sheep.  Mrs Riach got us to do some warm ups outside the junior classrooms, before we went with Mr Chamberlain, to start the race. The other girls ran down to Mr Chamberlain while my friends and I walked down.  He told us rules and joked around a little.  Then… GO!  I ran to the gate with Sophia and Mulan just behind me.  I ran around the corner and slowed down to catch my breath. The thunder of the footsteps on the concrete pavement.  The wind ran past my ears, and the breeze flowed with my movement. The parents cheered us on.  People around me panted and panted, I sprinted through the parents and neared the finish line.  My Whanau cheered for me while I ran in between the benches.  My dad rushed up to sweep me up, while my friends came jogging up.  It was an AWESOME Cross Country.