Red Studio dance group

Today was the Red Studio dance.  They do hip hop and they are going to Vienna, Austria to do a world hip hop dance competition.  They are going on the 15th October to Vienna, Austria.  The dance was short but

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Inter-School Science Challenge

Six Year 3 and 4 students participated in the Interschool Science Challenge on the afternoon of Wednesday 24 August.  They worked as two teams.  Teams moved from challenge to challenge in the course of the afternoon.  On the tables were

Inter-School Technology Challenge

On Wednesday 24 August six students represented Bucklands Beach Primary School at the Interschool Technology Challenge which was held at Point View School.  The students faced an unseen challenge of building a car from card, wire bubble wrap, skewers and

Cross Country Run

      On Friday the whole school did the Cross Country. The Year 1 girls were first, then theYear 1 boys and so on until it was Year 5 girls to run. When it was our turn to do theCross

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Cross Country

On Friday after lunch we all sat on the astroturf for cross country.  Every whanau was there. Waiheke, Rangitoto, Motutapu and Pakatoa.The first whanau was Pakatoa represented by blue. It was an outstanding race.  Every student in Pakatoa was fast

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Cross country

On Friday it was cross country. After lunch we walked over to the astroturf. We lined up in our whanau. Then Mrs Chilvers said in a megaphone "Year 5 boys."  I was so scared, my heart was racing. We did

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Cross country

On Friday the Year 3, 4, 5 and 6s ran the cross country track.  I sat next to Alex M and we warmed up together then ... Mrs Chilvers said it was the Year 5 girls turn to run. I was

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Healthy Howick Fruit Tree Launch August 2016

BBPS is excited to be involved in the Healthy Howick Programme again this year. We will be receiving 14 more fruit trees to plant and maintain in our school grounds. This makes our total number of fruit trees in our

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Cross Country

Mrs Chilvers called out on the bright, red megaphone across the AstroTurf. "Year 3 boys." The boys jumped up and trotted away like horses.  My friend Sophia, and I were chatting away excitedly (and nervously) while we waited for our

Cross Country

On Friday the school had cross country. Everyone was sitting on the warm astro turf, waiting in their colourful whanau groups. I was ready for my turn to run and I was nervous but ready. We went down to Mrs

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