Our Trip To Te Tuhi

Today Room 2 went to Te Tuhi. Charlotte was our guide and tutor. In my group I had Sophia, Raymond, Jan and Nick. Our parent helper was my mum. Once we arrived at Te Tuhi we had to get into

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Out Visit to Te Tuhi

Today Room 02 went to a local art gallery called Te Tuhi. When we were there, we were inside.  A lovely lady called Charlotte took us through a long winding hall way and led us into an open room. When we were

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Skyping students at Omoka School in the Cook Islands

 Omoka School, Penrhyn Island, Northern Cooks GroupOn Tuesday Room 2 had the opportunity to speak via Skype with a group of students from Omoka School which is on Penrhyn Island in the Northern Cooks Group. These students told us

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Planned Paid Union Meeting – Tuesday 13 September 12.15 p.m.

It is important for union members in our school to attend these meetings to have a say about how we get better funding. We encourage you to have your child at home by picking them up early or allowing them

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Room 7 Want to Win the Ice Blocks!

School Cross Country

 School Cross CountryLast Friday the Senior and Middle School had their school cross country. First up were the Year 3 girls. They had to run around the block once and so did the Year 3 boys. Next it was the

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Healthy Howick Fruit Tree Launch August 2016

BBPS is excited to be involved in the Healthy Howick Programme again this year. We will be receiving 14 more fruit trees to plant and maintain in our school grounds. This makes our total number of fruit trees in our

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Cross Country

Mrs Chilvers called out on the bright, red megaphone across the AstroTurf. "Year 3 boys." The boys jumped up and trotted away like horses.  My friend Sophia, and I were chatting away excitedly (and nervously) while we waited for our

Cross Country

On 12.8.16. after lunch the whole Middle School and Senior School went to line up on the turf. We first lined in our whanau groups. We had to say our whanau's saying. Our one is"Turn on the radio what do

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Cross Country

On Friday the school had cross country. Everyone was sitting on the warm astro turf, waiting in their colourful whanau groups. I was ready for my turn to run and I was nervous but ready. We went down to Mrs

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