CO2 diagram

Kiribati is a small Pacific nation under the threat of rising sea levels. Global warming has begun to affect the lives of the people of Kiribati. Two small uninhabited atolls disappeared beneath the sea. Warmer water is upsetting the coral

Our Trip to Macleans Reserve

Our Trip to Macleans reserveOn Friday 12th of February Room 2 went to Macleans Reserve to test the water.   We walked there in different groups.  I was in Oliver's group with Alex H,Victoria and Xavier.When we arrived Sally and

Skyping with Students in China

This afternoon the Robotics Group met at school to talk to students in a class in Nanjing to ask them how their country recycles e-waste - old computers, tablets and printers.  The Chinese students were in class with their English

The Water Cycle

 The Water Cycle goes round and round and really never ends. The cycle is like a circuit. It is also known as a Hydrologic Cycle. The water cycle uses the sun to start the water cycle, so the sun plays a

Green House Effect

 The greenhouse effect is caused by the rays of sunshine that get trapped and the heat rises in there, and the CO2 traps it, keeping our planet warm.  If we don't have this extra warmth, earth would be about 30

The Green House Gas Effect

Green house gasses are carbon dioxide that traps the sun’s rays in the atmosphere which traps the heat in the atmosphere.Lots of green house gasses are emitting into the Earth’s atmosphere because of coal being burned and other fossil fuel

Greenhouse effect

The greenhouse effect traps the sun’s Rays and makes our planet warmer and warmer. Factories, cars, animals and planes contribute to the greenhouse effect. Tasmania,Britain, Northern Russia and New Zealand have humid temperatures. Deforestation is a major problem because it

The Greenhouse Effect

The Greenhouse Effect is when there is too much Co2 in the air and it is trapping in the warm air like a greenhouse. The rays shine onto the earth, but then they get trapped by clouds of Co2…The Sun

Our visit to Macleans Reserve

On February 12 Room 2, our Korean students and a number of parent helpers visited Macleans Reserve at the end of Eastern Beach to measure the standard of the water and to observe the stream life it contained.  We

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