Bio Mass Energy

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Tidal Energy

Tidal Energy is a source of energy that isn't really used. Tidal energy is useful because it is a lot denser than air, which gives a bigger push against turbines that then generates power. Turbines are like underwater windmills. The

Univalves and Bivalves Presentation

   We have been learning about bivalve and univalve shells. 

Biomass Energy

This is my biomass presentation.Click on the above image for an enlarged view. 

Biomass Energy By Sophia

This is my biomass presentation.  Click on the above image for a larger view.

Storyboard That, biomass presentation

Storyboard That Biomass Presentation    Click on the image to see enlarged view.

Biomass energy

This is my biomass presentation Click on the image below for an enlarged image to view.

Biomass Energy Storyboard That and Information

Biomass Energy Biomass energy is a type of natural energy.  It is the second-most-common form of renewable energy in the United States.   It is providing enough to power more than two million homes. The energy is made by waste

Esther from Vector Energy

On  24/08/16 Esther came to our school to teach us again.  She taught us about how a whole day of sun shining on the solar panels can charge your device for one year.  But solar panels costs are expensive. But

Bivalves and Univalves

Room 2 Have been learning about Bivalve and Univalves and to show that we understand Bivalve and Univalve shells, We made a pic collage.

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