Maths by Samuel

This is my maths presentation

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Farewell to Our Korean Visiting Students:

We enjoyed a quick by meaningful assembly on Monday 8th August to say good bye to the class of students who've spent the past month with us.We sang the New Zealand and the Korean National Anthems. We saw a bit

Bubblegum Dance Crew

On the 7/07/16 the Bubblegum dance crew came to dance a performance at our school. They were really good.  I recommend it because it is really hard to dance that good.  One of the people in the group was from

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Birds by Bethany

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Maths presentation

This is my maths presentation

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Oliver’s 99 times 3

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Importance of a Tree

When it rains, the tree soaks up the water and it goes down to the root. Then it gives the water to the leaves. The sun goes on the leaves and then it evaporates. After a few days, the clouds

The Trip to Macleans Reserve

Last Friday Sally took the whole class to Macleans reserve to test the temperature and Ph and nitrate levels in the stream . We walked to Macleans reserve . When we got there we ate morning tea.  After morning tea

Bubblegum Performance

The  Bubblegum performance was a hip hop performance. There were children that came from Hamilton and Auckland. There was one person called Jasmine and she is in Room 1. They did a wonderful performance that delighted me . They did

Sally from Watercare

On Wednesday the 3rd of February Sally from Watercare came to visit us and to teach us about water.Where our water goes.First she taught us about where our water goes. We found out that our water goes to the storage

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